Old school chocolate makes me happy…

I remember when I was very young, Dad would travel around a lot because of work. Something that I always looked forward to when he came back from his business trips, was when he’d bring back boxes of Hawaiian Host chocolates 🙂

Initially when I saw them for the very first time, they actually scared me because the chocolate pieces looked very much like baby hamsters smothered in chocolate. But I was just 6 years old then… with a hyper-active imagination 😉

But as you can guess, once the adults gave me a piece… there was no turning back. Later, Mom had to strictly ration out these yummy chocolate  bits per day, because after the first time, everything (save one miserable piece) went missing from the box tray after an unexplainable vanishing event that very mysteriously happened one quiet night, when everybody was sleeping.

*shifty eyes*

Anyway! This morning, I took a break from my violin practise and opened a tray of the yummy treats… and found myself relishing this simple pleasure like the gleeful 6 year old I was again. I was actually feeling a bit down at first but miraculously felt alot better after scoffing down three pieces of HH chocolate *grin*

I really REALLY love the whole crunchy macadamian nuts in each chocolate… and the rich chocolate melting in your mouth… Mmm. And they still taste the same – as good as I remember! These chocoliaters seem very serious about their craft, there’s no cutting corners in terms of quality.

Oh and interestingly, the “retro” packaging still remains the same despite how many years have rolled by. It’s still the same warm “vintage” look… But I realized the original founders (Mamoru and his wife Aiko Takitani) have since passed on but it’s still a passionate family run business, which also gives out scholarships to Hawaii students so they can go to college, which is truly great.

Now, if you’ve yet to try HH chocolates, please do yourself a favor and get some today. Afterall, chocolate is good for you 🙂 I love “old school”!!!

*nom nom nom nom nom nom nom*


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  1. Pam

    I like!!! :P~ aiyoh I just posted something on Hawaiian Host on my FB wall too, BFF. and guess what? our daddy stories are very similar! :0 my dad used to bring back from Hawaii too, before they sold it here… hee.

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