What I’m reading now…

I received a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love almost two years ago but recently a whim, I picked up the autobiography (a refreshingly different change from my usual bulk of unfluffy non-fiction books) and I’ve been enjoying every page.

Though it’s a tad whinny at times, it’s also humorous. To be honest, it has stirred the wanderlust in me… feeding my imaginations about embarking on my own personal Eat Pray Love but anyway, this is a bestseller I’d recommend to all my friends.

The story is one that would resonate in us all because it’s truly about the human condition. Having things, losing things, wondering what life is all about, what are the important things that matter in this short period of time we have on Earth, finding peace, finding happiness, finding yourself.

A few lines from the book spoke to me… I won’t share them because they are quite personal, but I reckon if I were to do my own Eat Pray Love it’d probably be a gastronomic adventure in Japan; spiritual fulfillness in old Bhutan or Tibet; and Love (the balance of the physical & spiritual) in… Paris, maybe, for that je ne sais quoi? Afterall, the world is your oyster 😉

Come what may.


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  1. mang

    Go 🙂 It will be one of the most freeing, enriching, and stirring experiences you’ll ever have, every single step of this journey.

    I was singularly blessed to experience all of it – gorgeous food, spirituality, love, peace, happiness – in Kyoto. Every day too, allowed me to reconnect and rediscover the parts of myself that I’d lost. It was and always will be, special and precious 🙂

    I will go again. I do not know where now, but I know I will go again.

    Go when you can. There is no greater adventure. Truly.

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