Kinetic Gal’s latest video is now out!

If you were at The Urban Circus last month, you’d seen Kinetic Gal on stage – besides a whole host of local talents for the show we produced. I’m personally very proud of her growth as a performer…

Adeline’s worked very hard to get to where she is today and she’s recently being picked on by insecure competitors who realize the girl seriously has the chops. I always roll my eyes at men in our industry (which takes up 99.9%) who wave off a woman’s hard work and achievements just because of her gender. It’s all BS really.

As you know, it’s a been there done that thing for me… So I completely understand what Ade’s going through right now, because there’s essentially 2 types of magicians at the end of the day.

The positive professionals who always strive for improvements, breaking glass ceilings, creating original material, and in essence, being trailblazers. And on the flip side… Bitter magicians who only have negative things to say/ slime about people and are insecurely jealous of other people’s achievements and talents.

If you’re an inspiring magician, please don’t filter into the latter. Ultimately, politics are just so unnecessary and ugly – being jealous just eats at you and wastes your energy when you can really improve yourself and shine, instead of being a sad copycat.


Do check out Kinetic Gal’s video to see how much she has blossomed over the years with us… Ade’s certainly got a very special USP about her, and I’m definitely rooting for my darling girl in her “One Moment of Glory” journey on Mediacorp Channel 5!

For more about what she’s been up to, see Ade’s very interesting blog and our Mighty Magic Factory website!


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