‘Magic Babe’ Ning in today’s The New Paper :)

Here’s a peek from today’s The New Paper 🙂 Get your copy island-wide!

It was really enjoyable working with the TNP reporter and her team for the photoshoot & write-up… though The New Paper is considered a tabloid, their journalists are professionals with respect & integrity and I’ve only had nothing but good experiences working with them 🙂

The reporter didn’t include it in the printed article… but there was actually a time when J C & I were coming back from an overseas gig when we got stopped by the Singapore customs, coming back from England.

They had scanned our stuff because of all the weird props we had in our bags and trunks, and of course they could see from their magic x-ray vision that my sword (for my Katana Romance act) was in there. It was a blunted prop of course, not a lean mean killing thing, but our license for  it was with the other licenses… in the office.

So it was quite hilarious, the 2 of us tired jet-lagged illusionists (it was a looooooong 12-hour flight and nooooo we did not teleport, because we only use our powers for good!) chatting with the custom duty officers while we waited for the fellas at work to fax over the sword license to their office.

The officers on duty were very nice guys, and they’d recognized us… having seen us perform magic before. We also happened to have copies of our Ultimate Magic brochures with us (we’d taken a break from it because I’d signed on to headline a magic act in the UK), so we chatted about our 13-month daily show contract at Clarke Quay, which was supported by the Singapore Tourism Board *wry grin*

So once they received the license via fax, the authorities cleared us, having done their job 🙂 While it was a bit of a slight inconvenience to us, I was glad it happened. It certainly gave me faith in Singapore’s system, that big brother is watching.

Anyways, I just received a call from a reporter of a local Chinese tabloid newspaper… she’d read TNP’s special section on me and wanted to interview me for an article. But having had my words twisted totally way out of context by them before, I rejected her offer of a media feature. Last thing I want is to help unethical writers who only like to over-sensationalize things, sell their newspapers.


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