The magic number is “28”

Something special is happening this 28 June at 3pm… what exactly? Well, all will be revealed soon enough but if you’d like to join in the fun and win some really sweet  prizes while at it, join us on Facebook for the official clues we’ve already put up over the weekend!

Anyways… I just wrapped up my media interview & photoshoot for The New Paper half an hour ago, and it was a really delightful experience… How often does one get to proudly show off part of her prized weapon collection? *grin*

See J C’s blog entry here for more photos… The exclusive feature prints next Monday, so do look out for it 🙂 It’s a new column on The New Paper and last week they first featured celebrity hairstylist David Gan and today, popular host/emcee Daniel Ong.

Before I end this blog post and start rehearsals, I thought I’d just share with you that the magic team’s been mighty busy with some really cool TV projects, which I’ll tell you more about in a bit… But first up… don’t forget to tune into the 3rd episode of The Noose (Season 3) tomorrow on Mediacorp TV’s Channel 5!

J C & I did a special cameo as ourselves, and the hilarious teasers have been playing on TV & radio… Don’t miss it. Catch it all tomorrow at 8:30pm! Ta for now, more later…


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One response to “The magic number is “28”

  1. Kenneth

    Being an avid admirer of Japanese culture, that collection of swords is just simply AWESOME. (You do look quite dangerous wielding that blade)

    The Noose is on tonight! 🙂

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