One of my favorite funnies…

Crank up your speakers and watch the screen closely… it’s  hilarious fluff granted to crack you up. It kinda reminds of a warped MTV that I directed back in film school for a studio production project. Ack. The memories…

The song I chose for the entire team was Garbage’s “I’m only happy when it rains” and I had a girl friend do a sexy, growly Shirley Manson, with a poseur drummer wearing shades and a crazy mad guitarist who seemed like he was high on mind altering drugs because he was smashing things and jumping like an Energizer Bunny. We had lotsa fun, I recalled… But this video above is truly something else.

I’ve gotta really hand it to the brilliant warped minds who came up with this literal version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” 🙂 It’s got a whooping 8 million over views after a year & tons of awards and mentions *grin*

You can bet that I’d never ever listen/ look at the original song the same way again. Ever. 😛


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One response to “One of my favorite funnies…

  1. Kenneth

    Nice. On par with the ‘Take On Me’ spoof. 🙂
    Long live the kooky 80’s music videos!

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