Our 联合晚报 interview on Singapore’s commercial magic scene & fellow Merlin Award recipient Lu Chen (劉謙)

Our 联合晚报 media interview on the local commercial magic scene & about fellow successful Merlin Award recipient Lu Chen (Liu Qian/ 劉謙) came out last evening, check it out 🙂

Mucho kudos to our wonderful supportive fan Joyce Stella for scanning the Chinese newspaper article above. By the way, the article’s title doesn’t refer to J C & yours truly as we in fact stated opposing views as full-time professionals…

Like I blogged prior, I’m really thrilled & happy that Taiwanese magician Lu Chen has been awarded the Merlin Award (considered the Oscars of magic) as well… it’s truly fantastic that magic professionals in this side of the world are receiving recognition for new contributions & feats.

Noting consistencies over the years, I think one very obvious sign of a magician’s success can be easily recognized by how many magic clones or blatant copycats s/he has created 😛

Now, there is a vast difference between the expectations of a professional magician versus that of a magic hobbyist/ enthusiast.

If one’s just doing magic for fun and not charging a fee, I think it’s perfectly okay to style yourself after your favorite magic star… by all means, do a Criss Angel spoof with the black eyeliner and all, if that tickles your fancy.


No one’s going to take you seriously if you claim to be a pro but you’re just a cookie cutter without any pride or originality. More so if you knowingly rip off someone’s image or signature acts.  That’s just really lame and completely unprofessional. Some may even call you unethical.

My friend Tim Ellis from Australia & his magic clone

To be successful in showbiz, you MUST be your own person. Don’t be someone’s copycat. And obviously, everything else that’s logical applies as well… you need that special X-factor, good looks and talent, good showmanship, good skills, etc.

But anyways… As the 联合晚报 article states, we’re interviewed by the news reporter because he wanted another view about making it as a magician here in sunny Singapore. J C stated his view very clearly… and I share the same sentiments.

One can definitely make it in magic. Just like how one can make it as a singer. We have local music talents like Stephanie Sun & JJ Lin for instance. It’s just whether or not you’ve truly got what it takes. Magic-wise, we’ve had so many success stories – besides David Copperfield, Criss Angel & David Blaine, we also have winners like Marco Tempest, Luis DeMatos, Cyril Takayama, Lu Chen and J C Sum 😉

And in fact, all the local professional magicians who’ve been with us have been commercially successful & drive their own cars… paid for entirely by what they’ve earned in magic,  and they live very comfortably. No “struggling artistes” from the Concept:Magic family, that’s for sure!

And market rates? IMHO, if you’re good enough or if you’re exceptional, you actually define your worth. For the record, J C & I do not follow the “market rate”. This is really just my two cents… of course, everyone has their differing opinions and are entirely entitled to them, but this is mine.

By the way… I’ve always been a very stern advocate of further education because studying is important, so that’s a given. I’m not telling young people that the path to show business is a glorious one either, it definitely isn’t easy. I just disagree with the sweeping statement or notion that “one cannot make it here in Singapore as a full-time magician”.

Haha… Okay, rant over. Ta for now, more later!


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