KAPAP is not a funny sound a cartoon character makes when it hits the ground…

Well okay maybe it is, but KAPAP also stands for Krav Panim El Panim which is the Hebrew acronym for Face To Face Combat.

It’s the original combat system of defensive tactics, hand-to-hand combat and self-defense, employed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the Israeli National Police, and their special operations and anti-terrorist units. Sounds serious? Yes it is!

So don’t let the “cute” sounding name throw you off cos that would be what happens to you if you ever try to attack someone who knows KAPAP. You’d get thrown off and you’d land on your sorry butt!

Not too long ago, the BFF interviewed KAPAP Singapore instructor Teo Yew Chye and yesterday, we trained under him at the dojo. I’m still bruised and achey but believe it or not, I’m still glowing from the incredible experience.

One of Master Teo’s disciples, Yun Quan, is definitely a great poster girl for KAPAP. The University undergrad looks pleasantly docile but really, the girl’s a true martial artist who can certainly hold her own! That’s the four of us after yesterday’s sweaty kickass session….

After my harrowing misadventure in Hanoi last September, I’d truly recommend all ladies and even the elderly to learn self-defense. The BFF & I are really lucky to be alive today, after what happened during our Vietnam holiday.

So IMHO, KAPAP is the way to go. And given the crazy crimes happening these days, why wouldn’t you want to equip yourself with important survival knowledge in moments of terror?

What I personally like about KAPAP is that it’s great for ladies because you didn’t have to be a beefed up muscular macho man with a black belt in something to protect yourself from an attacker (like a robber/ rapist/ etc), even if they are armed and you are not.

Upper body strength is good but essential. You just need to understand bio-mechanics & physics to control and break joints. Pressure points are very real by the way, not at all that lofty poetic license you see in martial arts films 😉

To see the BFF helplessly flung around like a limp ragdoll of a journalist by our sweet KAPAP Instructor in her interview with him last year, feel free  to read Pam’s 938LIVE “The Livingroom” Blog here. He was doing some demonstrations and using only mere fractions of his strength but gosh, was it scary.

I was personally taken down by Master Teo a few times yesterday during our KAPAP session and as I lay sprawled in a helpless heap on the floor of the dojo, I was feebly thinking… “What just happened?”

He’d just used a finger.

It’d all happened so fast, in a manner of seconds – I had the wind knocked out of me, my legs swept under, and I was lying flat on dojo mat with my limps stuck in awkward positions and as I slowly recovered with a glazed look in my eye, I heard giggling as my jackpot-like spinning eyeballs finally rolled back into position.

Do check out KAPAP SINGAPORE for details if you’re interested… I’d highly recommend learning it for personal safety, compared  to say Judo & Karate or Wushu because these are sports performance based martial arts, not exactly handy if you’re in a real street fight because you wouldn’t know what to do if you’re pinned down in a brawl or attacked in real life.

Personally, I truly advocate this because I learnt so many practical things from yesterday’s session that’s doable in so little time. The BFF even tested a KAPAP move on me that sent me on the floor of the dojo, and mind you, she’s a pint-sizer! LOL. So yes, it’s effective, check out KAPAP Singapore today!


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