Things to be happy about…

The other day I was disappointed and upset because we’d been unfairly treated by an ex-team member who finally revealed his true colors.

After talking to close confidants about the unjust situation & meditating over things, I made up my mind that we’d be the bigger party and give way and simply let the rules of karma take over. I mean, WWJD right?

This magician I used to care about was unreasonably hostile, twisting facts, and never kept his word(s) – and has changed so much since leaving the company. It almost seems as if he’s missing his moral/ ethical chip. But you know what… I’m going to be totally zen about it and completely let go of this negativity. I love my calm, peace and focus & I also recognize that I’ve got many, many other things to be HAPPY about!

For instance…

1) Just a couple of days ago, Taiwanese magician Lu Chen recently received his Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society!

I’m really thrilled that this hardworking Asian professional has been rewarded for his achievements, like how J C & I were recognized for our track records and milestones last October by Tony Hassini, President of IMS, who specially flew down to Singapore to present us our individual Merlin Awards 🙂

The Merlin Awards have been presented by Tony Hassini to other world class illusionists  like David Copperfield, Criss Angel, and more. So this is simply AWESOME for the magic scene here in Asia and is truly something good to celebrate about 🙂

Lu Chen will be in Singapore soon, so do get tickets to his magic show 🙂

2) I’ve got a brand new video up! Check it out:

It’s from last Sunday, where yours truly played sassy Ring Mistress to The Urban Circus & did a short little ditty on stage with my Japanese sais & nunchucks *grin* Kids, please don’t try this at home… this is for your entertainment!

As you may be aware, J C produced the show & I helped host it. The event was a full-house & very well received.

It’s really so heartening to see people support upcoming local talents passionate about what they do. We’re only too happy to be able to help bring variety arts to the  heartlands!

3) I’m blessed with very good friends in the local magic circle, aside from the wonderful people I work with and see almost every day 🙂

That’s yours truly after Sunday’s show at the mingling session after, with President John Teo, Betsy & Kenneth, from the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Joshua had came with his family as well, but they had to rush off after saying HI. Bernard, who I met up with the other evening, has also been a good friend all these years 🙂

It’s sad but true – there’s so much uncalled for politics and backstabbing here in the small industry. I find it all so nonsensical and unnecessary but shit happens. Still, I won’t let these negativity affect me, because as you know, I completely believe in the rules of karma.

Plus, the people who matter have been so kind and supportive… And thankfully, unpolitical. They only want the local magic scene to soar, without any selfish reason.

4) I’m loved & well-looked after  by wonderful, caring people

5) It seemed like a dream, but I experienced the Oriental Express!

We had special invites to the luxury train the other week and I spent a very lovely Saturday evening with the BFF. It was certainly an experience, riding on the Oriental Express out of Singapore, and being completely pampered with everything paid for! Everyone was so smartly dressed – the men in suits and ties, the ladies in evening dresses.

I blogged more about it earlier, but here are some of our pictures…

The service on the Orient Express was excellent (so was dinner and dessert) and the BFF & I were kept very cozy indeed 🙂

6) I received a message from a young woman who shared that she was inspired to go for her cervical cancer vaccinations after hearing my heartfelt plea about possible prevention & precautions on the Power Over Cervical Cancer website, as their celebrity ambassador.

As I’ve previously mentioned…  Medical experts have stated that cervical cancer is the only women’s cancer that can be prevented – by doing regular pap smear screenings & getting your vaccinations.

This is information not everyone knows about so do spread the word about it, and if you employ a domestic helper, you should consider helping her out from the kindness of your heart, as well.

We’re stepping up on more awareness programmes on several talk shows, radio interviews, etc. Stay tuned for that – but meanwhile, please spread spread the word & visit the POCC website!

7) We recently wrapped up a fab meeting with some TV people, for a REALLY exciting project happening pretty soon. I can’t tell you much now, but J C & I are looking forward to it…

And on a separate note, do tune in to Channel 5’s The Noose Season 3 🙂 J C & I were invited to film a cameo + something extra with the very talented Michelle Chong in Episode 3, showing this 15 June!

8) I’ve been getting sweet emails from wonderful fans & supporters about my recent Coke Zero advertorial in the current issue of 8days magazine *grin*

Thank you so much for the support you guys, especially you wonderful crazy people who buy multiple copies of the magazines just for that one pager 😛

I’d like to sincerely thank the powers that be who selected yours truly for this, rather than the typical… I dunno… glam rock stars? LOL. It’s really so cool that Coke Zero wanted this feisty female magician! Rah!!!

9) I’m writing a letter and putting together a surprise package for my darling sponsored World Vision 9-year old boy Batsaikhan Gunbileg 🙂

I feel that I’ve been blessed and it’s only right that one gives back when they can 🙂 I’ve been his sponsor for years and it’s wonderful that now the kiddo is able to go to school and his family & community get proper sanitation, clean water and electricity!

If you think you can help make a difference to the impoverished, do help out by visiting their website to find out more 🙂 Pay it forward, why don’t you.

10) This weekend is gonna be an AWESOME weekend.

You’ll know why in just a bit 😉 Will post pics and things then.

But for now, have a great TGIF everybody… catch you later!



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4 responses to “Things to be happy about…

  1. Kenneth

    Talk about being totally busy! 🙂

    Anyways, you don’t have to bother about people who show their ugly side. Backstabbing and politics occur everywhere, but as long as you keep your wits sharp and your conscience clear, have a pleasant disposition and make more friends than enemies, nobody can really strike you from behind.

    Its great that you are sponsoring a kid’s education and his family. We need more celebrities like this in our neighbourhood. LOL

    The Oriental Express is the ride of dreams. I would like to ride on it one day. (Perhaps after saving up enough :p)

    • ning

      thanks kenneth 🙂 i’m just one human being trying to help others in this world… i really appreciate your message though, it made me smile. you’re such a sweetheart. have a fab week ahead!

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