Let’s talk about sex…

Okay not really, but it did catch your eye, didn’t it? 😉

Today I’d like to blog about something really, really important really… not about work or play, but about LIFE.

I want to spread the word about cervical cancer – how it’s in fact the only women’s cancer that can actually be prevented. Through regular pap smear screenings, as well as, going for cervical cancer vaccinations.

This fact isn’t something that everyone is aware of, so I hope you’d help spread the word. You’d definitely play a part in saving someone’s life. I’m not just talking to the ladies here… but the men as well. We all have important ladies in our lives, and empowering them with this critical knowledge and urging them to take action, is one of the best things you can do for them.

Last week Minister of Parliament, Mdm Halimah Yacob, officially launched the brand new POCC.sg website. Talented local thespian Karen Tan & I were at the media conference again, to lend of support as celebrity ambassadors… as were wonderful mother-daughter team Mdm Kwek Chor Hong (Cervical Cancer Survivor) and her daughter Wen Ning. Dr Lisa Wong, President of The Society for Colposcopy & Cervical Pathology of Singapore, chaired the event and provided those present with the alarming facts and figures.

Cervical cancer is very real. It happens in Singapore. It’s not a fictional illness you read about or “it only happens to someone else”.

When I was upper Secondary, my Chemistry teacher Mrs MK Wei suddenly took time away from teaching us, which was surprising because we were all busy preparing for the upcoming ‘O’ levels & Mrs Wei had been teaching in MGS since forever.

We were completely stunned later, to learn that our dear teacher had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and needed immediate treatments & rest. We had another Chemistry teacher fill her shoes to look after us while Mrs Wei was away.

I graduated from Methodist Girls School & kept in touch with some friends loosely (no Facebook wasn’t invented yet) and was deeply saddened later to find out that Mrs Wei lost the battle to cervical cancer a few short years after we left school.

I remember feeling the need to sit down when I learnt about it, because a mix of emotions just hit me. I was stunned. Incredulous. Confused. Sad. Angry. Shocked. I wanted badly to cry. Because I knew the woman. And she was a good woman. But cancer doesn’t screen its victims – it can really happen to anyone, and a scary fact, it could happen to someone close to you.

So that was my very first “brush” with cervical cancer. That’s why I got myself vaccinated 2 years ago. I had a friend who went for her cervical cancer vaccinations and told us all about it. I did my research because it was the first time I knew it was available, and within a week of knowing about it, I went to get my first of 3 vaccination jabs from the gynecologist.

Life is precious. Life is wonderful. And they only way you can live life to the fullest is if you’re healthy. You deserve the best, so be kind to yourself. Get your vaccinations, go for regular pap smear checks – and spread the word 🙂

Do check out the brand new Power Over Cervical Cancer website for more details. It’s extremely informative – with pap smear screenings/ cervical cancer vaccination clinic locations, Q&A with doctors, and much more.

Yours truly making flowers appear in a flash of fire, after my moment on the soap box, presented to the guest of honor, MP Halimah Yakob, who graced the POCC website launch event cum media conference 🙂

The lovely Dr Lisa Wong with J C & I at the bloggers event held at House earlier last month. Everyone signed on the POCC BFF tree, pledging to tell at least 5 friends about cervical cancer protective & preventive measures.

And you know what? You can do that too… It’s practically painless 😉 I’d like YOU (yes you, dear reader of this humble blog) to inform five people dearest to you right now, about what’s been discussed. Your mother, your sister, your neighbor, your best friend, your colleague. Do it.

Right now 🙂



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7 responses to “Let’s talk about sex…

  1. Hi Ning!

    Thanks for telling everyone about Cervical Cancer. Ever since I learnt about Cervical Cancer and the fact that it can be protected against by a simple vaccination, I’ve planned for a vaccination already!

    Hope it doesn’t hurt! 🙂

    Ju Ann

    • ning

      it doesn’t ju ann 🙂 it’s 3 vaccinations in total to be taken over a short period of time & it’s more effective if you’re below 40. do check w your doctor soonest, and spread the word to people in your circle so they can also pass it on to people they care about!

  2. Hey Ning, it was fun watching your performance during the POCC event! Many of us were so worried and scared watching you do those dangerous acts.. like putting blades into your mouth! Crazy!

    It’s cool to see another MGS alumnus achieving so many great things. I’ve heard about Mrs Wei during my secondary school days. And then after we graduated, another science teacher Ms Goh also passed away from cancer. It’s really sad when the people whom you care about leaves us this way.

    See you around~

    • ning

      yes, i went for miss GK Goh’s funeral and met her family. she was an angel really, despite her seemingly tough exterior she had a heart of gold and she taught me so much more than just chemistry, taking over mrs MK Wei. tragic that she passed away from cancer as well.

      i wasn’t aware you were also from MGS, next time do stop me and say hi… it’d be fun catching up, exchanging notes, and more. thanks you for helping spread the word so more people know about cervical cancer preventions & such 🙂 keep in touch Pris!

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  5. Jenwa

    Thank you for writing this about cervical cancer. My mother was treated by Dr Wong after reading this. She was also checked for breast cancer by Dr Tan in Mt Elizabeth hospital.

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