Coke Zero: ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on 8DAYS

No prizes for guessing what’s stacked high in the fridge of our office pantry right now *wink* I heart Coke Zero! 🙂

For the “behind the scenes” shoot at Mediacorp Studios, click here.

Thank you Joyce Stella for scanning this from the latest issue of 8DAYS magazine and posting it on the wall of my personal Facebook account *grin* Mucho kudos as well to everyone else who notified me last evening like Pam, Ade, Boon, Tanat and well… y’all know who you are *grin*

Now with The Urban Circus just over, we’re all mighty busy with new projects coming up. I’m absolutely thrilled about some of them… More info in just a bit, I promise! But for now…

It’s the first of June – tune into Channel 5 at 8:30pm and catch the very first episode of The Noose (Season 3) 😉 J C & I appear on Episode 3 of The Noose as ourselves, a lovely fun cameo the show’s creators wrote specially for us. They even got us to film interstitials for Mediacorp TV’s Channel 5, so do look out for it coming up shortly.


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