The Urban Circus: FULL HOUSE!

I can’t believe it’s over! Gosh 🙂 Yesterday’s event was a big success… a full house of delighted audiences, happy performers, lotsa videos and pics!

The Urban Circus was designed to showcase variety arts to heartlanders, bringing it to the neighborhood.. that’s why Marine Parade was chosen as our show venue.  It was a way for us to also help showcase passionate, up-coming local talent and help them in improving their performances and giving them the opportunity to perform on stage before a real audience, as they wouldn’t otherwise  have the chance.

J C Sum, with his 15+ years in the industry, produced the entire show while I helped out and played host. I know for a fact that all our semi-pro/ amateur performers enjoyed the experience tremendously & the people who spoke to us after the event enjoyed themselves tremendously!

Our darling “Own the Stage 2010” winner Dean Wong received his trophy and cash & prizes after his well-received performance, which J C worked very closely with him to improve on. His wonderfully supportive family was there in the audience, and Dean certainly radiated on stage.

For a young 12-year old, Dean’s journey in magic is certainly stellar, having already been on OKTO’s one minute of fame *grin*

Jazz Ang was our magic parasol manipulator… Now, the hardworking NAFA student typically works the kids show market and does birthday parties, so he could get funds to personally finance his magic competition act… which you’d seen him perform on stage yesterday.

Norvin Ong, Jazz’s buddy is also a balloonist/ magician, helped out as his personal assistant. I personally wish Jazz well as I truly hope to see him pursue his dreams of winning magic competitions here and overseas soon 🙂

Exotic Middle Eastern style belly dancer, Charmaine Kho, was understandably a little nervous backstage before showtime but the bold chick completely delivered (no novice stage fright!) once it was her time on stage, as I knew she could.

I think all women should wholly embrace their femininity so honestly, I do consider Charmaine extremely courage and passionate about what she’s doing. Real women have curves. Real women aren’t the stick thin models you’d see on runways or commercials. She celebrates womanhood and we should all acknowledge that 🙂

His staple fire acts, escapology feats, and macho-styled magic aside… Larry the Daredevil Magician debuted his brand new “Trap Box” escape act, which was specially designed for him by J C.

Larry was the very first performer on stage, after yours truly (the event’s host/ ring mistress) opened the show, and started the energy pumping fast and furious! Larry’s sword box illusion, which he performed with Joys (his very lovely assistant) was also wildly received… It was a classic in magic given a hotter edge. The crowd also witnessed him magically pass solid chains through his neck, escape from a see-thru straitjacket, amongst other exciting things!

Adeline Ng aka Kinetic Gal closed the show, skillfully showing off her magic skills and juggling finesse… The cool, smart and sassy performer also did illusions on stage – magically cutting herself in half while still doing flawless yo-yo tricks, as well as, a delightful illusion involving a very special friend… Strawberry Shortcake… who assisted in her finale illusion, which entertained the kids and adults in the audience alike 😉

Ade’s tremendous growth in magic was noticed by several Singaporean magicians (folks from Red Dot Magic & the International Brotherhood of Magicians, etc) who came to the show and stayed back to talk to us later. They’d seen her at Magic Day @ The Arena… which was presented by Magic Boutique (Singapore) just last year at Clarke Quay.

You can view more performance pictures on our J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook page… Mucho kudos to our talented shutterbugs Daryl & Weili!

The core Concept:Magic team (L-R: Ashraf aka Magic Boy, Joys, Larry the Daredevil Magician, Adeline Ng aka Kinetic Gal, yours truly aka ‘Magic Babe’ Ning & J C Sum aka the Bossman), minus Matt who couldn’t come at the last minute cos his poor wife got sick…

And below, us with the talents who made the production possible… The stars of The Urban Circus! L-R: Jazz Ang, Larry Lum, Joys,Charmaine Kho, Dean Wong, Adeline Ng, Ning Cai & J C Sum 🙂

Meanwhile, here’s some pictures of the weapon-wielding Ring Mistress 😉 Kids, please don’t play with these at home!

At  the beginning of the show, a paper napkin rose magically changes into a real flower in a bright, bursting flash of light! Had my top hat custom-made for my size *grin* I actually prefer this much more to my collapsible one.

I had a lot of fun putting together this slightly different costume for The Urban Circus… new kickass boots, hot pants, fishnet stockings, fingerless gloves and a belt to hold my beautiful deadly little things…

Stay tuned for my lethal Japanese sais and nunchuck video coming up shortly *grin* We’re currently editing these new videos!

For another perspective, do see Backstage Business for J C’s objective “show producer” thoughts on the project. The Bossman did a fabulous job with the light & sound design as well, never mind the first 5 minutes of showtime because of the trip. Mucho kudos to all the technical people and show crew who did their magic backstage too, to make it all possible 😉 And once again… THANK YOU for supporting these upcoming local talents!

I think these semi-professional/ amateur performers certainly have potential, and I’d love to see them blossom further. It was a pleasure helping out and getting to know them better. Till then… ta for now, more later…


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