Magic Babe muses…

Recently I’ve been inspired by several AMAZING people – men and women, young and old, here and overseas 🙂 God has certainly blessed me much, by having these truly wonderful people come into my life!

Being surrounded with positive energy is so important – I’ve seen how peer pressure, unhealthy cliches just poisons a person’s spirit, and the adage is true – Birds of a feather flock together. I’ll be embarking on a series of several very interesting projects which I’ll share at a slightly later date 😉 Yes, I’m extremely excited!

Over the weekend, J C & I performed for a ballroom of 300+ doctors at the swanky Shangrila hotel… We performed our Illusions of the Mind show, so for a change, I got out of the car in a nice dress instead of my usual Magic Babe outfit 😉

In fact, we were the only entertainment for the evening and the usually reserved group truly warmed up to us and everyone enjoyed themselves. Nothing makes me happier to see an entire ballroom’s attention focused on stage, and everyone wholly engaged and entertained.

This morning at 5:20am, I actually got up and got busy in the kitchen… I started baking batches of chocolate chip cookies and my apartment simply smelled like heaven *grin*

Yes… I’ve embraced my inner domestic goddess 😉 I didn’t use eggs for the batches made today, so these are healthy eggless chocolate chip cookies. However, they were very well-received, so I guess I am worthy of my Baby Belling home baking oven. LOL!

On the work front, today saw another typical day of intensive rehearsals gearing up for The Urban Circus. We’ve sold more than half the tickets, so do grab yours online instead of banking on getting it at the door this 30 May.

We’ve got a stellar line-up of fresh faces and it’s going to be a kickass show. Tickets are extremely affordable, as our reasons for doing this is to bring  variety arts to the heartlands. Buy them for just $15/ticket or $40/ 4 tickets, while stocks last.

Now you may have seen the official event poster, but I don’t think you’ve seen Larry’s new smoking hot illusion – check it out…

Is that hawt, or is that hawt? 😉

Righty, it’s almost 8pm and we’re all still here, busy rehearsing in the magic studio. I’m going to freshen up (smudged black eyeliner… ugh… the unintentional angsty goth look!) and continue working for a while more before I leave the magic studio to meet another feisty female of the species for tete-a-tete & drinks at her club.

I’m truly impressed with Irene’s shrewd business sense and how she’s helped flourish the arts & media industry here. Her company has grown so much since she founded it in 1999 and the smart cookie’s a real trailblazer! She’s definitely got my respect.

Okie dokie, I’ve got a photoshoot early tomorrow morning for Coke Zero so I gotta pack for that too… Magic stuff, check. Leather and heels, check. Sassy attitude, check. Japanese sais and my other weapons of mass distraction, check 😉

Have a fab week ahead y’all… Ta for now, more later!


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  1. Hi Ning!

    Your chocolate chip cookies look yummy! Got a recipe to share?

    Hope you enjoyed your shoot. Am sure you’ll look fab. 🙂

    Ju Ann

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