Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit by Criss Angel

…is the HOTTEST thing selling on Magic Boutique (Singapore) right now 🙂

Proclaimed “Winner – Best Magic Kit” by the International Magicians Society, we’ve had lots of serious inquiries from interested customers about it and boxes and boxes have been sold to many happy customers who have gotten it for themselves & family/ friends interested about magic… You know, discerning folks who need something more cool & serious than the cute little magic kits available from toy stores.

The big bad package looks really solid & professional… Check it out!

The Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit by Criss Angel includes:

  • Over 500 Mindfreaks you can perform
  • Levitate Anywhere – Anytime!
  • Mindfreak Props
  • 3 Criss Angel Step-By-Step Instructional DVDs
  • 3 Different Decks of Criss Angel Official Playing Cards
  • Criss’s Secret Floating Device
  • Criss’s Secret Utility Device
  • Free Online Ultimate LoyalFreak Trial Membership at Criss Angel’s website
  • Mindfreak Bestselling Teach-A-Tricks, Criss’s Personal Practice Tips and Much, Much More!

Personally, I think this is an awesome magic box-set as a gift for the aspiring magician or young enthusiast who’s interested in learning a variety of things and not just one or two tricks. This monster kit is definitely a good value-for-money buy, and the well produced magic box-set certainly makes a fab impression… after all, who doesn’t know the Mindfreak himself? 😉

For more information on the popular Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit by Criss Angel + to read a message by the celebrity magician himself, click on the picture above.

Thanks for visiting Singapore’s #1 online magic shop! 🙂 We’re endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Ring 115) for our fight against piracy & we’re also the appointed official Asia reviewer by Murphys Magic Supplies Inc. When you support us, you support the fight against magic piracy.



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2 responses to “Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit by Criss Angel

  1. sakthiswara

    Do u still have the criss angle magic kit?

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