The Urban Circus: A rojak of variety arts in the heartland!


Official details about The Urban Circus came out the day before via Facebook & J C’s blog Backstage Business. It’s super awesome that as of noon today, over a hundred show tickets have already been sold, and we’ve barely publicized this mini project 🙂

J C & yours truly, while still playing a part in this, are letting upcoming local talents take the main stage… Giving fresh faces a head-start and performing opportunity aside, our main goal is to bring variety arts to the heartlands. So do join us on the evening of 30 May at Marine Parade, where it all happens!

We’ve got a slew of talented and passionate Singaporean performers. I’m so proud of how much they’ve been putting in for the show since MONTHS ago, when this was all being planned 🙂 Remember “Own the Stage”?

Adeline Ng aka Kinetic Gal, Larry the Daredevil Magician, Dean Wong, Jazz Ang & Charmaine Kho… These Singaporeans all have their interesting life stories to tell, but do let them entertain you with their very unique repertories and acts.

So don’t be a stranger. Support local talents today and widen your view on variety arts in Singapore 😉 While our official poster above states that you can get tickets at the door pending availability, I reaaaaaaaaally wouldn’t advise it. Tickets are limited because duh, seats at the venue are limited…

The safest way, is the most kiasu Singaporean way 😉 Grab your tickets now from Singapore’s #1 online magic shop Magic Boutique (Singapore):

Single/ multiple tickets @$15 each at:

Discounted – Family Pack of 4 tickets @$40 (save $20!!!) at:

PS: Yours truly will play sassy Ring Mistress to The Urban Circus for the night *cracks whip* So do join in the fun, stick around for our friendly meet & greet session after the show as well, just to say “hullo” to all of us or ask any questions you may have about magic or show business. Don’t be shy, we don’t bite. Promise *wink* So be there, or be square!


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