Updates et al.

Sorry for missing in action a little here… but it’s been a wickedly busy work schedule. After coming back to Singapore from the Middle East, I had a stage gig at Shangrila for Manulife Financial.

Do check out J C’s blog about our 2 back-to-back gigs here in Singapore before we went across the Causeway for a weekend for illusion shows at different venues!

Before the core Concept:Magic team flew up to the Middle East to perform for Oman royalty at the Al Bustan Palace, J C & I met up with veteran world class illusionist Marco Tempest 🙂

It was a great honor to be part of the Essential Magic Conference, created by a network of leading international professionals such as Marco & Luis De Matos. After  the taping sessions, we enjoyed a hearty lunch together and the hours simply flew by.

Some magicians had shared that Marco wasn’t a very nice person, but I found the man to be extremely sweet and passionate about what he does. He’s a workaholic like J C, clocking in many many hours and he works hard, fast, and smart. They could almost be twins, in that aspect. LOL. Maybe some of the ones who talked badly about Marco Tempest behind his back were people who are also jealous of his success or had tried ripping off his “virtual magician” material, I dunno.

It’s been the case with us – envious competition trying to smear our name or pull down our reputation, instead of just pulling up their own socks and daring to be original.

Anyway, Marco’s definitely a brilliant visionary and I’m really thrilled about his new WIP material that he showed us on his iPad *grin* Will update on the video link soon, once it’s up!

So the team and us flew to Dubai then Oman, in the Middle East, that evening after meeting Marco in the morning… we spent 4 days there for a very important gig that had Mr Akio Toyoda flying up for the glamorous Lexus/ Toyota event! His Highness was also there, see the Omani news report here 🙂

That’s us when we arrived after hours and hours of traveling… and yes, that’s me in my Singa “Courtesy” Lion t-shirt. I actually received the MGS Singa Award in 1998 for being the “Most Courteous Student” and every school only had one representative collect their award at Raffles Hotel for the nationwide event!

Anyways. The  Al Bustan Palace is simply GORGEOUS. We were very well taken care of and the team managed to score some time at the private beach and pool for some fun in the sun, when we were not working. Here are some random pics from my iPhone…

It was a long airplane ride as we had to transit to Oman from Dubai, so it was grrrrrrrrrreat to finally get to chillax! Flipping through the papers, we saw a full page ad welcoming the Toyota President to their country, as well as, a media write-up.

Also, the cheeky gal in me noticed something instantly, while flipping through their classifieds *grin*

…Do you see it? 🙂 Hurhurhurhur…


We all got to get some fun in the sun when we weren’t working 🙂 JC got a bit of a sunburn cos he was seriously working on his tan while the rest of us pretty much splashed around and then some *grin* Here’s some pictures…

Here’s the beautiful private beach at the Al Bustan Palace, where we were given very lavish rooms  and were pampered like royalty…

As you can clearly see… it was really HOT in Oman. I was so glad I had my sunnies!

We squeezed into a hammock… funny thing was, the doofus that I am, I unglamorously tumbled and fell over while trying to make space for Ade & Joys to join me. Larry was so tickled with our antics, it’s a wonder the camera wasn’t shaking when he took our picture 😛

Yep, all of us definitely came home with a nice glowing tan 🙂

The gig went superbly well and everyone loved our show – so much so that after the event, some Omani VIPs in their traditional garb came up to us to thank us for the show. It was an honor truly, to be able to represent our country.

I was very surprised at their warmth… the locals actually let me play with their khanjar knives, beautiful things they are indeed 😉 Yes, I always have had a fetish for blades.

For pictures and more about our performance, check out Backstage Business.

One very funny incident that happened was a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION that happened during showtime *giggle* However, it wasn’t me – it was Bossman himself 😛 His new designer jeans weren’t seasoned and it ripped during the show… and because what we were doing were pretty physical onstage, the rip just got worse along the way! 😛

JC did a good job hiding the hole near his butt, but (no pun intended) the good-natured UK event organizers loved to tease him about the incident. If we were in a more conservative place (I wore sleeves this time around), maybe we could possibly have been stoned for moon-ing royalty. LOL!

Actually, in 2006, my pants did split on stage during a show. It was reeeeeeeally embarrassing because of all days, I’d decided to wear red lace panties… like D’oh!!!! My black leather pants had split badly at the crotch seams right after we performed J C’s 3-inch Hole illusion, but the saving grace was… it was at the very end of the show 😛 So yes, things like these do happen. Heh.

Anyways. After our show, on our way back to Singapore from the Middle East, we did some shopping and picked up a very lovely looking exotic oil lamp – which looks very magical indeed, like from the days of mystical Aladdin lore *grin*

We’re giving this authentic “magic lamp” away (sorry, genie not included) in our latest and newest Facebook contest! We only have one to give away, and this is how the near-foot long beaut looks like…

Check out J C’s latest blog entry here for full details on how to participate 🙂 This on-going Facebook contest ends at midnight this Wednesday, so don’t miss out!

“I’m a genie in a bottle, baby / Gotta rub me the right way, honey / I’m a genie in a bottle, baby / Come, come, come and let me out.” – Christina Aguilera


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