The “little” things matter…

We’ve got four projects this weekend – 2 different back to back gigs this evening at different venues, and another 2 over the weekend out of the country.

When yours truly + team return back to Singapore come next Monday morning, J C & I have an important lunch meeting right after. Stay tuned for good news 😉

So in other words, yes, it’s busybusybusy! The week after alsso sees us fly to the Middle East again for about 4 days for an exciting project, which I’m looking very much forward to *grin*

Preparations for these various corporate gigs and all have been a tad tiring… but despite the hectic craziness,  I find pockets of time to feel gratitude and give thanks to the wonderful people and events that I’ve been blessed with. In turn, I also hope that I’d be able to make a difference to some people in their unpredictable journey through life too 🙂

I chanced upon a beautiful video today, which I’d like to share with everyone… it’s meaningful and very cleverly done. Enjoy, and spread the message, spread the love!



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2 responses to “The “little” things matter…

  1. pam

    Thanks for sharing this, BFF. It’s very powerful. ❤ If we really love someone, I can't imagine why we would not INSIST that they wear their seat belts at all times. After all, who can EVER replace them? So please, please, remember to wear your seat belt in Malaysia, OK? *LOL* There is only ONE you, BFF!!! *big hug*

  2. Great stuff, are you planning to make some kind of Europe tourney…I would like to see your show live..Keep it up !

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