Shoobi doob doob doob!

Yesterday was the 1st of April aka April Fools’ Day… was it a memorable one for you? 🙂 What did I tell you about my 987 Ris Low prediction? 😛 LOL… what a prank!

Anyways.. I didn’t do anything severe this year, though we all had very fond memories of me successfully tricking Matthew the other year into “returning urgent phone calls” to a non-existent “Ms Lina Lyon” & “Mr Benjamin Behr” from the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari respectively. Hurhurhurhur…

This  year was different. No cheeky pranks on innocent colleagues, but I did have some wicked fun on Facebook *grin*

Yes… it was all just an April Fool’s joke, a practical joke on my part. If you actually believed the gag, I’m sorry sorry… You’ve been punked! 😉

But! Here’s something that is not a joke *grin* J C & I are having a new Facebook contest which starts today, so don’t miss out!

It’s open to anybody and everybody – just join us on our Facebook page @ 🙂 Click here NOW to see the official event page for full details on how to participate.

The prize is really AWESOME. This time, one lucky winner gets to take home his/ her own brand new, large doobsta’ worth S$190.00 with free delivery!

If you’re based outside Singapore, no worries, we’ll make sure it teleports over to ya! *wink* What’s really cool is that the winner gets to choose their fave doobsta’ color too, ain’t that sweet!

Here is a couple of pictures of yours truly, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, in my living room with my own big brown doobsta which I nicknamed “Shoobi doob doob doob” or Mr D for short 🙂

Me on my Macbook on my fav DOOB beanbag chair... simple bliss ♥ ♥ ♥ Despite it's affordability, the quality is just awesome 🙂 There's a strong inner lining that holds the beans & the outer cover is washable and changeable. Super comfy!!!!

The thing about such comfy home-friendly furniture, you can use them however you want! Love my DOOB 🙂 It's fun and versatile!

Mr D's the same shade as my Domo monster plush, which I hug to sleep every night... but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for DOOB's next release. I hope they'll have a red one!

See - because your butt deserves better 😉

It’s reeeeeeeeeally easy to win, so don’t wait… this fun, on-going J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook contest ends next Wednesday @ 2359 and we’ll announce  who the lucky winner is on that Friday morning.



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