Dance of the Sais: New weapon flourishing video!

This unique project which started its initial developments some months ago is finally a done deal 🙂 Check out yours truly teaching some wicked sai spinning moves in a concise video on the Concept:Magic YouTube channel!

Obviously, it’s for entertainment only… and do look out for the  special something extra at the end of the tutorial *wink* You can tell  that I’ve been very inspired after my trip to Japan!

As you know, besides fire acts like fire poi spinning, fire staff twirling, fire eating and the works… I’m into all sorts of weapons -sais, nunchucks, katanas, bo staff, and more. LOL. In fact, J C calls me a Ning-ja Turtle!

But seriously, I’ve always been very passionate about weapons and have been collecting them over the years. It’s all legal of course, you need licenses accordingly. We also do use some of them in our illusion shows from time to time, as some of you may have observed 🙂

I’ve been doing various weapon flourishes and spins for years so, I’m really glad this new tutorial is finally a reality and it truly gladdens me that so many people who’ve watched the video, have already shared on Facebook how they’ve found it so useful and entertaining! *grin*

Do check out J C’s blog Backstage Business for behind-the-scenes pictures, as well as, his take on the video that we put together 🙂


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One response to “Dance of the Sais: New weapon flourishing video!

  1. Kenneth

    LOL nice twirling of the sais. Raph was my fave turtle, but when playing the games I had to pick Donatello as his reach is the longest.
    Saw the preview at the end as well. Its ブル-スリ-fave weapon!

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