I bet…

…that the whole Ris Low on 987 stint is but one big, fat Aprils Fool’s gag 🙂

I think it’s a very clever publicity stint. And why am I so certain that it’s gotta be unreal? Well. Obvious reasons.

For one, I’m sure Rozz (from the original Shan Wee & Rosalyn Lee duo, before it recently became a crazy trio) is a very professional radio DJ and wouldn’t simply storm off and disappear during her shift just like that 🙂

But the drama was a nice touch. After all, everyone loves drama, right? Right.

Also, timing plays a big part… For everyone’s most controversial ex-beauty queen (who’s very successfully extended her 15 mins of “boomz”/ “shingz” fame, as well as, her furor of being recently molested during her safe sex ambassador duties) to come on just a couple of days before 1 April?

Mmm hmmm.

Looking at the big picture, I think it’s a brilliant win-win situation for all parties involved…

987 gets talked about, the radio station gets more listeners, because while people may whine – they’d still tune in – so they can whine more about it. LOL. Ris Low gets what she wants – media attention, staying in the spotlight yet again, and being talked about 🙂

More than anything, loyal listeners of the radio station would probably be more than relieved to know that Ris being on 987 as a DJ was just an Aprils Fool’s gag. All would then be forgiven, because life goes back to normal… more or less 😉

Cos seriously, if ex-987 DJ Chew Soowei was asked to leave last year because of pronunciation/ accent/ diction issues, what more about Miss “Boomz”? 🙂

I seriously don’t know why people call Ris Low “stupid” or think so lowly of her. I think the girl’s been very smart in her own “media whore” ways, to maintain her position in the public’s eye! Gotta give her some credit for that *grin*

Mucho kudos to 987FM’s new senior creative director, Georgina Chang (formerly with ESPN), who replaces Daniel Ong, for thinking up of such spunky, controversial stunts to get everyone talking.987 is a radio station which has very young listeners – young adults, teens and tweens – they’d be able to take cheeky 😉

But yeah, I’m sure there may be some who may react very strongly about the change and declare that they’d swear off the show/ radio station completely, but people are people… we’re forgiving creatures, given time. People are entitled to their opinions and voices anyways but one thing for sure…. I’m very certain Ris Low’s radio DJ contract wouldn’t continue past April’s Fool.

And yep, that’s a prediction! 😉



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2 responses to “I bet…

  1. greencat

    precisely what i was thinking!
    i mean, it couldn’t really be a coincidence that ris low was introduced on the show just one day before april fools’

  2. Pam

    MediaCorp has standards, thank you very much! 😀 Well….. at least Radio lah! *LOL* I think Ris is great at capturing media attention and remaining in our consciousness. But do REALLY I want to be remembered for being an airhead? Sorry, no thank you. There’s a line I’d draw for attention. But that’s just me. ;o)

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