…Of MaGMA and Mummies

Over the weekend, I managed to squeeze in some time to check out 2 on-going exhibitions 🙂

The first being the Quest for Immortality – The World of Ancient Egypt exhibit at the National Museum of Singapore, and the other being MaGMA’s Fairy Tales at the Opera Gallery in Ion Orchard. I found them truly splendid and would encourage anyone passionate about art, life and history to check them out before they are over.

MaGMA’s art exhibition was all about serendipity, one of my favorite life concepts *grin* It’s very lovely and I’ll definitely see the works of Roy Lichtenstein in a bigger, brighter light 🙂

The spiritual mythologies and rich exotic history of ancient Egypt has always appealed to me. It’s a reason why my first tattoo was an ankh, on the nape of my neck.

Spending hours and hours at the museum at the beautiful artifacts that were thousands of years old, there were actually moments where I honestly thought I could almost read the hieroglyphs and so many things felt so familiar to me. Hmmm. Perhaps I was an ancient Egyptian in a previous lifetime 😉

Here are some pictures I snapped, a few random favorites…

Quest for Immortality – The World of Ancient Egypt


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