WWF Earth Hour/ Auditions for ‘Own The Stage’

Yesterday was a busybusybusy day which started early and ended really late. We started with closed-door auditions for different variety arts acts and I was very happy to meet so many aspiring talents and people with potential!

We had more than just magicians and mentalists, so it was a really entertaining afternoon. I could easily tell that everyone who turned up for the private auditions were extremely passionate about what they do… this is critcal because the purity of intent is extremely important.

Many a times and all too often, disillusioned people get into magic/ showbiz for all the wrong reasons. But that’s another discussion for another day.

So, back to the auditions! To be completely honest… It’s not an easy choice to pick just one talent as THE winner to star in our upcoming project (to be announced real soon), but well, stay tuned for updates coming up shortly on our Facebook fan page 🙂

After wrapping up our series of Own the Stage auditions with a whole bunch of very interesting folks, we had to drive down to Esplanade Park where we were slated to perform at the WWF Earth Hour concert.

Friends of ours were also supporting the project as they were equally like-minded about the cause 🙂 Jamie Yeo was the emcee of the night and local musicians Jack & Rai also performed. J C & I did our special appearance just before the lights went off at 8:30pm and it was an awesome crowd and terrific event!

Many thanks to our fans and supporters who specially came down to see us. It’s always a joy for me to spend time after a gig to talk to these wonderful people… mucho kudos for all the sweet thoughts… the cute plush toys, pretty little cards, and for tagging me in all those photos on Facebook. LOL!

Here are some random pictures from this warm, humid night after we got backstage…

A big thank you for everybody who supported the cause – you ROCK 🙂 Do check out J C’s blog Backstage Business for more pictures & the Bossman’s take on it!


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