Wabi-sabi WIP (work in progress)

…That’s what I’d use to describe myself.

Come again… A wasabi-wha?!

A wabi-sabi work-in-progress! 🙂

…I feel like I’m a piece of work that’s still in progress. Yes, all that despite what some people have said about all my fast-and-furious career milestones and track records in showbiz thus far.

I’m not one to rest on my laurels or gloat, and to me,  there’s still so much more to learn about life… not just about magic, illusions and escapology! So well yes, I roll my eyes at 小人 (mean men) who try to pull me or any of my teammates down because they are just sadly jealous or simply insecure. I really feel sorry that these people are so unoriginal and have to resort to such lowly unethical tactics instead of improving themselves, and they’ve completely missed the point.

There’s so much more to work… like music, traveling, going places, meeting people, helping others, making your mark on earth count… You know, LIFE! 🙂

The term wabi-sabi came about funnily because a dear friend in Japan had recently created her first piece of pottery and was thinking about what to call her pretty bowl, which was a little bit lopsided. Looking at the pictures she posted of it on Facebook, the words “imperfect beauty” aka “wabi-sabi” formed in my mind.

I’d first heard the term used by a humorous Buddhist monk (yes, I’m spiritual – but not religious… there is a HUGE difference) many years ago, from a personal story he shared about a brick wall which was almost perfect, except for an eyesore of a brick that stuck out. But the point was, that particular brick made you appreciate everything else.

We’re all beautiful creations, unique and different in our own ways, but it’s the “flaws” that make us appreciate everything else. Kinda like the paradox where there wouldn’t be a heaven if there wasn’t hell, or good if not for bad, for that matter.

Mentalists and some magicians also subscribe to the understanding of the all important “too perfect theory”. When something’s too perfect, it instantly becomes too artificial to the point where it disturbs the degree of realism. Uhm. Have I lost you?

Well sorry, but my blog. My rant.

You see, I often raise a VERY cynical eyebrow when people tell me that I’ve got the perfect job, perfect body, perfect life, etc, etc, etc. But the fact of the matter is. Ning is imperfect. My life is imperfect. But it’s how I merely choose to see things and adopt positive attitudes accordingly.

I don’t think I’m gorgeous. I’m a typical girl next door who’s got an interesting job in showbiz, which gives the glorious illusion (sorry, pun intended) of being glamorous, but if only you realize the crucial sacrifices involved besides the constant hard work, and more.

There are things I can be bitter about, but I won’t. I also struggle with my own demons, but I don’t choose to whine about most things that people typically complain about because negative energy is never useful.

I feel that it’s always a balance with things and the Libra in me is always trying for that “perfect” balance. But I’ve finally come to realize that the “richness” of a person is not in what s/he owns or has, but who they are inside.

Are you kind and nurturing? Do you radiate love? Will people truly miss you if/when you’re no longer a part of their lives?

Or are you just like most detached, desensitized people? Blind about achieving their goals? Only caring about taking, taking, taking so they can win, win, win? Wanting respect when you don’t deserve it  with what you put out there? Seeking the wrong things?

Well, who am I to say what’s wrong. It’s really just context, context, context…

One of my favorite classics, Lao Zi’s Tao Te Ching, has a particular verse that resonated with me when I first read it over a decade plus ago. Translated, it basically shared that it’s not important how a cup looks or the material it’s made of. What’s important essentially is really the space inside it… for that’s what makes it what it is – a cup.

So what’s inside you that gives you your true purpose?

For me, though many would say I’m a workaholic with the long hours spent doing what I do, my work is but one facet of my life. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to the things that matter and yes, my career is important sure, but it’s not THE only thing I live for.

There are people I love. Things I’ve yet to do. Places I’ve yet to see. Projects I’ve yet to embark on. So all that said, yes…

I’m a wabi-sabi work-in-progress, and I’m not apologizing for it! 🙂



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3 responses to “Wabi-sabi WIP (work in progress)

  1. chris

    hmm….i quite like what u said and i think i come to know more about u and understand how u feel in this society or working life out there………although i am not as young as u do but somehow i do feel what your thinking is…….hope to know u better as a friend……cheers and gambatte……don’t give up.

  2. Pam

    well said. this is one of my favourite blog entries of yours so far, BFF. i couldn’t have said it better!

  3. GO NING GO! 🙂
    I love the positive attitude towards life.

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