Musings on a Friday afternoon…

Picture taken after last night's awesome illusion show car appearance for the launch of the new nissan murano 2.5 🙂 jc + yours truly with the happy event producers who booked us for the show. client was happy happy happy *beams*

Last evening’s car launch illusion for the new Nissan Murano 2.5 at their showroom went fabulous 🙂 Nothing makes me gladder than to have everyone – from the audience/ customers, event producer/ partners, clients, etc – all happy *beams*

Do check out J C’s blog Backstage Business for more about last night’s gig. He’s posted some pictures, and as usual, his shrewd perspective on the entire project. Through my years working with him, I must say that I truly respect his brains. The man is a magic genius and very clever marketer. We’re very different in that aspect. He’s the thinker, I’m the feeler. He goes by logic, I trust my instincts. He’s extremely goal oriented, I’m about people people people… so yes, we make a good professional duo don’t we? 😉

Bossman has also blogged about us being featured on SPHMBO television screens islandwide as Razor TV plays our illusion performances and interviews 🙂 Check out pictures he took on his mobile phone, as well as, his write up here.

Tomorrow will be quite the packed Saturday for us… with so much going on from morning till night *grin* The evening will see us making a special appearance at the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour concert at the Esplanade, a cause I wholeheartedly believe it.

And prior to that, well… we’d be having our private, closed-door auditions for OWN THE STAGE 😉 It’s going to be interesting – we’ve got belly dancers, hip hop dancers, magicians, mentalists, the works! I truly can’t wait… tomorrow’s going to be an interesting day.

Ta for now, more later!


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