Youth Olympic Games & WWF Earth Hour

Hey everyone! 🙂

If you missed J C & yours truly at the recent Youth Olympic Games event in Orchard Road the other week, here’s a short little clip that MCYS put together… Thanks Jialin for posting it on Facebook!

It was a wonderful priviledge to be a part of the event, which was emceed by 987FM DJ Rosalyn Lee, who bagged the recent Singapore Radio Awards “Best Radio Personality Blog”. Ros graduated from the same film school some years earlier than yours truly… it’s so cool that she’s now a very popular radio personality 🙂

Anyways, J C & I were contacted a while back by the organizers of this year’s WWF (World Wildlife Fund)’s Earth Hour to make a special appearance at their event. It’s next Saturday evening, so yep, once we’re done with OWN THE STAGE auditions, the whole magic team’s gotta teleport over to the Esplanade 😉

Admission is free, please spread the word – because it’s for a good cause. It’s something I absolutely believe in. See J C’s latest blog post here for full details on our show timing and all… much thought has been put into it since it’s such a special project. It’s going to be FUN!

And as for OWN THE STAGE, we’ve had many audition entries coming in from local dancers, magicians, mentalists, etc… Fantastic that so many young talents are interested and gusty enough to come forward.

I look forward to see y’all at the auditions next Saturday and I’m sorry we can only make time for one day to do the auditions, we’re working on a very tight time schedule. For those interested, do check out 🙂 See you then!


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