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Okaaaay, so there was some on-going media buzz about the magic drama being similar (or not) to us real life illusionists… see J C’s blog Backstage Business for all about The Illusionist. Uh, the recently ended Channel U television series, not the Hollywood flick starring Edward Norton.

J C’s written his thoughts about it and I haven’t blogged much about the subject simply because I’m quite impartial about it… I mean… TV is TV, life imitates art but art also imitates life. I think people are smart enough to form their own conclusions about things, and anyway, it’s after all, just entertainment. J C’s never made any accusations, but merely pointed out his own opinions, and it’s his blog anyway. He’s got every right.

My $0.02 is that I think it’s cool that Mediacorp TV’s interested in doing a Mandarin magic drama, and hired a local production company to put it all together. Their research writers must have had a field day 🙂 IMHO, though I haven’t caught an episode because of my  hectic work schedule, I think it really rocks to have a strong female character like Ann Kok’s “Babe Yong” character who also does escapes and illusions 🙂

Personally, J C & I had a lot of fun working with Thomas Ong (“James Lee”) & Mei Xin (“Ming”) during The Illusionist magic segment for the annual Mediacorp Festival last year, when we were hired by Mediacorp to produce the stage performance bits for them. You saw the videos and pics!

Anyways, I hope the local production company’s got the ratings and response they want for the TV series, who knows… maybe there will be a Part 2! 😉 The sequel could feature some loser-ish “competitors” of James Lee who try to pull him down, ALA crab mentality/ tall poppy syndrome 😉 “Tio flame!”

One could be a two-faced magician who pretends to be cordial and gentlemanly but actually backstabs James and tries hard to bring him down, trying to give James a foul reputation by fueling untrue rumors about the guy just to feel better about himself because of professional jealousy as he’s extremely unhappy that he doesn’t get the recognition James has.

Another can be a bitter, ungrateful, angry, disgraced ex-disciple or 师兄 of James Lee who lies to the world (or just doesn’t give the whole truth) about the reasons why he was actually told by James Lee to leave years ago, because of unethical decisions the guy himself actually made.

And most importantly, there must be a fat evil clown who pretends to be nice and funny, but is actually very vengeful and black-hearted. He pretends to be James Lee and impersonates him online just to bring down his reputation – but gets found out after awhile because (surprise, surprise) karma always has a way of getting around!

Green with envy, the guys hate James Lee to death because of the illusionist’s stellar track record, fame and success… but they still strangely keep a very close watch on everything he does. And instead of improving themselves to  be better, the funny clique (like they always say – birds of a feather, flock together) try their best to smear James Lee’s reputation instead. But! Karma has a way of getting around, and irate people with bad intentions never ever win, because James Lee has people who look out for him and anyways, good always triumphs over evil – not just in real life but in TV serials too lah! 🙂

I know, I know… such crazy outlandish ideas huh? 😉 I’m no television scriptwriter, so I’ll leave these creative ideas for the real pros *grin* It was fun to think up of such low-life nemesis for the fictional character of James Lee anyways!


So yeah. I didn’t get to watch the finale episode of The Illusion on Channel U last night because I was actually at the Mediacorp Radio Awards *grin* I was there to support the BFF & my other DJ friends who were also nominated… Pamela Ho, Stanley Leong, Melanie Oliverio of 938LIVE; Jean Danker, Glenn Ong, Mark aka Flying Dutchman of Class 95; Ivy Tan & Dennis Chew of YES 933; Justin Ang & Vernon A aka The Muttons on 987 🙂

Jean, Justin & Pam were SMSing me during the show and I must say that Justin (who was also with me at the Hall of Fame Awards at our Alma Mata earlier this year) can really multi-task, because he would reply me swiftly backstage and he was emcee-ing with Vernon! LOL…

As usual, the Muttons were stellar, and the pair was brilliant as the hosts for the evening. It’s always great to be on their show, they seriously are a fab duo. There’s just no one else like them 🙂

Here are some pictures from the evening… which by the way, are taken using my iPhone, so they aren’t very impressive as the hp camera has no zoom function plus I couldn’t wander around to play shutterbug. I spent the whole evening with my bum parked on the seat of my reserved seat arranged for me, and it was a tad weird and took some getting used to because the BFF & I traded places for once – she on stage and yours truly, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, in the audience. LOL!

From my vantage point, I spy… the pretty BFF in her designer dress & her colls from 938LIVE make their appearance on stage on cue, and go to their assigned seats.

The hosts for the evening were the Muttons and they were wickedly hilarious with zany antics the whole night… ranging from snide digs at Fann Wong & Christopher Lee; Tiger Woods & Jack Neo; Ris Low and her condom ambassador-ship; the works!Everyone was howling with laughter…

Here’s the BFF, #1 on the 938LIVE voting screen… Her partner Stanley Leong, co-host of their “Livingroom” talkshow, received the award 🙂 His brother also received the same award, of Most Popular DJ, for Lush 99.5

My darling friend Jean Danker won her first award after years in showbiz, having gotten the most number of votes for most popular DJ in Class 95 🙂 Irene Ang, who’s always been an inspiration, gave away the award for the English stations and as always, her antics and wisecracks made everyone laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh…

It was a happy night for the couple as Jean’s other half, Glenn, bagged the Media Personality of the Year award 🙂 The Muttons bagged the same award for their station, 987 …and as expected, YES933’s Dennis Chew aka Aunty Lucy also won a special award. For more information, see Channel News Asia.

Congrats y’all!

Awards galore aside, the evening had various singing acts entertain us – folks from overseas who were having gigs here. Jason Castro from American Idol ended the evening with his lovely voice 🙂 It was nice to be entertained, for a change…

In all, the entire event wrapped up only past 10PM, and the famished BFF grabbed hold of me & we went off for supper. That’s us doing a quick 自拍 on her camera just before heading into the elevator, down to the car park!

It was the BFF’s special night and I’m really proud of Pam… she may not have bagged an award from the evening, but she’d always be a radiant star in my eyes, with all the differences this amazing woman has made! You rock, BFF! 🙂


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