Dreams of Kyoto…

I’ve been channeling time towards some exciting work in progress material, after being inspired by my trip to various parts of Japan. I’ve only let a few people in on what I’ve been up to, but all will be revealed, soon enough 😉

After returning back to Kyoto from Tokyo, I re-visited some places as the weather was better… still cold as it was Winter, but not rainy 🙂 I’ve processed some of my favorites and uploaded them on Facebook, but here are some from my 2nd last day in Japan’s previous capital… beautiful, elegant Kyoto…

Her charm still lingers in my heart, giving me that much needed stillness of peace and serenity, in the midst of the chaotic madness here in this cosmopolitan concrete jungle. These pictures absolutely do no justice to such a beautiful place, but I hope you will enjoy these snapshots of (how I see) Kyoto.

From our Gion apartment on the way to Kiyomizu-dera, the BFF & I passed by a small temple and noticed some Geishas doing their early morning prayers. We stopped to watch, admiring their gentle elegance and Japanese ways, before continuing onwards, passing the all too familiar Yasaka Shrine.

It was a beautiful day truly… a perfect morning for walking with good company, a perfect place for pretty sights and scenery. I felt at peace because it was so blissful… witnessing sunbeams dancing on rooftops, going down reflective paths and basking under the glamorous sky.

And finally, Kiyomizu-dera…

There, you can see a splendid view of Kyoto from above, it’s amazing 🙂

The view is free, as it’s outside the temple gates. You can actually see the Kyoto Tower from here 🙂

We re-purchased entry tickets and went inside the compound. Kiyomizu-dera dates back to 798 and the Buddhist temple is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto UNESCO World Heritage  site.

What’s amazing is that not one nail is used in the whole temple. It takes its name from the waterfall within the complex, which runs off the nearby hills. Kiyomizu  means clear water, or pure water.

Here, people write their wishes they want granted and every morning, the monks burn them and pray that these wishes come true…

The lucky love stones of the Jinshu Shrine were up ahead. You need to walk from one stone to the other, with eyes shut. If you succeed, you’ll be lucky in love… allegedly 😉 The BFF & I decided to  do it just for fun. The temple complex had many shrines, do read about Kiyomizu-dera online for some fascinating details.

Anyways, there, I spotted a very interesting wish from a pair of lovers… *grin*

Can you imagine a lone ninja, silently perched on its rooftop on a breezy moon-lit night?

Glamorous sky 🙂

Going down the hill, one can’t help but notice the trees but I’ve no idea what’s written on the tag that accompanies each tree…

Kiyomizu-dera… you can just feel its elegant graciousness…

Beauty which inspires…

This is my personal favorite from the series 🙂 Leaving Kiyomizu-dera, I noticed a lone Japanese monk chanting and asking for alms. The holy man was in straw slippers and thin clothes, and the weather was chilly as it was still Winter as Spring hasn’t quite fully arrived…

We continued to walk the streets and though I’m now back in Singapore, I’ve left my ♥ in Kyoto…

I’ll upload pictures of my final day in Japan when I find a spare pocket of time, but meanwhile, here’s a little something I took time to create of Kiyomizu-dera & its visitors, processed to look like wee little miniatures *grin*


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