Tokyo, through the BFF’s lens

Here’s some pictures for a different perspective from Pam’s cam…

After breakfast at the Italian bistro, we stepped out of the cafe and noticed a giant wall mural… It was not a Dali or Miro, but a Picasso reproduction, and well… there must have been something in the bilious green vegetable soup I had *Ick*

Ahehheheheheh. My BFF the shutterbug hadn’t anticipated me attempting to reach up and ‘tweak’ the nipple, and Mang aka Okasaan (mom) shrilly chided “いたずら!” Which basically means “NAUGHTY!” 😛

Anyways, the 3 of us headed off to the train station as we’d planned to spend a day at Disney Sea, as we couldn’t get show tickets for Cirque du Soleil’s ZED or Studio Ghibli museum *sniff sniff* That’s yours truly with our JR Railway passes, handy little things!

Seriously, if you’d be in Japan for weeks and intend to travel to different parts of the country like us, consider investing in the pass as it’d come in very handy. Just flash it and go!

The Disney train was really cute – with Mickey Mouse shaped windows, handrails, seats, the works… It wasn’t long before we made our way to the ticket booth and got our entry passes.

Though it was a clear day that Winter, it was a COLD day! Everyone was in their warm jackets and gloves… I had my gloves off for moments to take pictures on my camera but quickly, I felt my hands go numb with cold. No kidding 😛 So yes, do keep warm if you’re in Japan in Feb, since it’s the coldest time of the year!

So you know how they say you’ve gotta eat to keep warm? Well, this is kinda what happens when yours truly ODs on chocolates…

I get “creative”…



…And there was a whole lot which were even cornier, I won’t even put up. Needless to say, Mang & the BFF were tickled pink with amusement as I bounced off  the walls, riding on my sugar high.

We queued for about 2 hours for the Journey to the Centre of the Earth ride & I entertained them with some close-up magic effects. An amused Mang raised an eyebrow and asked if I actually carry all my “stuff” around all the time… ahahaha. Of course not. How can you shower when you’ve got cards, coins, a paddle stick and the works? 😛 Duh!

After our ride we sat on a bench and had hotdogs for lunch, feeding the birds that came towards us. They were of a beautiful, different species, compared to the common ones found back home.

We ran out of popcorn and since it was cold, we decided to pop into a cafe for something warm and rest our feet! Of course, it being so pretty, we go distracted along the way 🙂

We finally got some grub… warm drinks and some snacks just for the heck of it *grin*

…And then the BFF went locco when she saw this…

Duffy Bear was the hottest dude in town – people all over were carrying soft toys of him, and the character was way more popular than Mickey Mouse. The 3 of us Singaporean girls had no idea who he was until someone enlightened us that he was a magic bear that brought luck & Minnie made him for Mickey, just before the latter went off for a long voyage. Sodesne!

It was back on the bullet train after, from Tokyo back to Kyoto, to our Gion apartment… What a day! 🙂

Next up, the final days in Kyoto before flyin back to SG!


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  1. Pam

    BFF, I ❤ reading your blog entries! We must go back to Tokyo to visit Ghibli Studios & catch Zed, and of course return to Tokyo DisneySea & Disneyland…. and devote more time there!!! 😛 I miss Japan….. *sniff*

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