J C & I have been working together professionally for years and many times, people come up to us after our performances and ask in all earnest if we teach or mentor. We don’t conduct magic lessons, though we do hold the occasional workshop/event, so I thought this would be very interesting news for all of you… Behold 😉

Now, “Own the Stage” is but just Part 1 of 3 of our secretive and mysterious “PROJECT 5/10” – we’re holding auditions later this month, so don’t miss this ONE chance 😉

For full details, see the J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning Facebook page. Also, my onstage partner J C Sum has just posted an excellent blog entry about it, so you can check out J C’s blog Backstage Business.

I thought I’d highlight again, though it’s already mentioned, that J C & I are not looking at just magicians – what we want are passionate, skilled talents. So if you’ve got potential and you’re dying to get your first lucky break as a variety arts performer, this could be YOUR big break 🙂

Simply put… Besides getting to work very closely with us, the winner also gets to perform his/ her solo act on stage for a VERY exciting event we’re putting together this May 2010. Plus s/he will bring home some sweet moolah and things. The winner also gets a professionally cut promo video of their stage performance at the end of it all – So tell me, is that nifty or what? 😉

If you’re interested and believe that you’ve got what it takes, OR if you know someone who has potential… click here NOW.

More information on Part 2 & 3 of “PROJECT 5/10” to come real soon… but meanwhile, do fill in the audition form (download link in the URL provided above) and hey, I totally look forward to see YOU and your act *wink*

All the best to you! May the best (wo)man win!


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