Tokyo Drifters…

Okay, so I’m not exactly referring to speed racing here, but more like, three Singapore tourists drifting around in cosmopolitan Tokyo 😉 Leaving Takayama, the BFF & I meet Mang in Tokyo (she took a train from Kyoto to meet us) and we stayed at the luxurious Marunouchi Hotel in the Central Business District.

…A hotel fit for a magician… ahahahaha. But seriously. Bustling fast-paced Tokyo is extremely different from traditional Takayama & classic Kyoto. It’s a busy city much like Singapore, but much bigger and more fashionable.

Like I mentioned earlier, it amazed me how trendy the locals were; with metrosexual men in tight, skinny jeans & sassy babes in mini skirts and heels… in winter! It was snowing lightly on our first night as we explored the streets of Shinjuku, so the temperatures were actually pretty chilly!

Mang, having been out of Singapore for half a year, missed spicy food. So we ate in a Thai restaurant in the heart of the city, which had a very decent spread. We  took a train back to our hotel, where I enjoyed a long soak in the bathtub… blissful relief after hours of traveling.

The next morning, we had an early breakfast before heading off to Tokyo Disney Sea! *grin* According to Okaasan Mang, it’s currently the world’s most expensive amusement park, built at a whooping US$5 billion dollars! Here’s some pictures I took from the day 🙂

Breakfast was at an Italian cafe and Mang coaxed me to try their pea soup… which arrived in a shade of bilious green. In case you’re interested, it tasted as good, as it looks. Ick.

Anyways! It was off to Tokyo Disney Sea later… it’s just next to Tokyo Disneyland, but it’s the newer attraction of the two. As expected, it had its own train system 😉

I was quite tickled at the white fluffy Mickey gloves the Japanese tourists wore… imagine taking that outside Disneyland! As our train pulled to a stop, I was already impressed by the awesome structures and buildings, the works!

We bought entry tickets, eager to enter and get on their many rides and almost immediately, we saw Japanese speaking Disney characters taking pictures with guests.

Disneyland can be essentially described as a beautiful, happy place… an euphoric wonderland that kids wouldn’t want to leave or grow out of 😉

Naturally, us girls did some shopping for things for people back home 🙂

Everything sold in their stores were KAWAII… extremely cute & lovable!

We tried the “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” ride and it was an exhilarating minute long roller coaster ride that spit us out of the mountain after being plunged into darkness. The only sucky part of it was that we had to queue for an hour and a half before we could sit the rides.

It was a fun afternoon anyway, the BFF took a whole lot of pics on her camera, so I’ll have to wait for her to upload them. After spending hours at Disney, we finally took the train back from Tokyo to Kyoto. I grabbed a bento box on the way, so we all ate dinner on the train ride back 🙂

It was a tiring day out and the exhausted BFF practically K.O.ed after dinner, while Mang lapsed into her reflective “poet mode” and started writing Japanese haikus. I’m really proud of her; not many high flyers would dare leave their jobs, move out of their comfort zones, live in a foreign country without any kit or kin, and Mang’s done all it and much more.

While we were in Tokyo, a big Japanese newspaper, the Mainichi Daily News, published one of her haikus! It’s really cool because a panel of judges pick only one haiku to be published everyday and it’d be archived in a national haiku board… so yes, it’s quite the biggie 😉

You can read Mang’s published haiku here. She recently got me a copy of The Ink Dark Moon too, a favorite book that I’d lost over the years of traveling and moving from places. It’s a lovely, lovely tome…

Righty, I’ll next blog about our last few days in Kyoto before we had to fly back to Singapore… those were indeed precious days 🙂

We revisited the gorgeous Kiyomizu Temple in better weather & were extremely lucky to be able to gain entry into Kokedera Temple, which only allows very few visitors a day. The UNESCO World Heritage Site was beautiful! Sighhh… I miss Kyoto already!


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