Takayama, from the BFF’s POV

The week’s been busy with a handful of big corporate illusion gigs, as well as, a little public special appearance over the weekend. Do join me on Twitter to follow my tweets 🙂

Now, I’d like to thank wonderful fans and supports who came down for our meet and greet, despite the hot and humid weather… I’ve also gotten some photos from various gigs J C & I recently did, and I’ll put them up hopefully later this week.

For now, I’d like to share some of the BFF’s pictures of Takayama & Tokyo! It’s things from a different point-of-view, cos Pam’s really into taking pictures of food and people, while yours truly is more a scenery person 😛

We wore beautiful yukatas (cotton kimonos) which we personally selected in the ryokan we stayed at. We were also given comfy Japanese slippers and socks (which the BFF fondly calls “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” socks because of how they make your feet look). This is us:

That’s us heading down to our private dining room on the second floor of our cosy ryokan, which had that splendid view I was telling you about… a lovely wintery scene outside our window.

That’s the BFF’s feet… she was so tickled by her TMNT toes 😛 As you recall, after our meal, we headed off to the Takayama old folk town later…

In Winter, it gets dark quickly… so we caught the last shuttle back to our ryokan and prepared for dinner. Our personal dresser came and prettied us up in our yukatas, before we trotted off in our Japanese slippers for our scrumptious shabu shabu meal.

It was a filling meal, which I had fun cooking *grin* I was sad because our time in Takayama was coming to an end, we had to leave for Tokyo the next day… I enjoyed our private onsen (hot spring) in our traditional Japanese room, complete with futons and tatami mats.

This was our last meal at the beautiful Hidatei-Hanaougi… a Western breakfast, and yes, it was a generous spread!

We drove to the Takayama station and with half an hour to kill, the BFF & I kinda goofed around…

We tried making a hobbit of a snowman but his head fell off and we were pressed for time, and didn’t wanna risk missing our train to Nagoya, where we had to catch our Tokyo bound train…

…As you can see, he must be a really sweet guy, cos he totally attracted lotsa chicks 😛

What we ate (isn’t my bento box just the cutest?!) on the train… the BFF & I had reserved seats, and totally enjoyed the Takayama scenery and comfy train ride.

At Nagoya, we took the Hikari line to Tokyo, where we were going to meet my dear friend Mang. I call her “Okaasan” which means “Mom” because she’s a real sweetheart, not because she’s old enough to be my mother! 😛

The BFF was bored so she snacked on some yummy chocolate biscuits we bought from a convenience store and basically entertained herself on the train ride, while I tweeted…

………………………..Anyways, Mang met us at the train station when we reached Tokyo, and we threw our bags in our hotel, which was in the swanky central business district area, before venturing out for dinner.

Being Singaporean and having been in Japan for half a year, Mang missed spicy food dearly, so we decided to have Thai food for dinner! As you can see, my dear friend was mighty pleased!

Tokyo’s Shinjuku district actually reminded me of a more cosmopolitan and fashionable Orchard Road in sunny Singapore. Bright lights, big buildings, it was another busy city.

It was actually snowing lightly when we were walking down the cold streets, and it never ceases to amaze me how little the Japanese women wear… short mini skirts, heels, light jackets… and yet they don’t seem to be affected by the low, low temperatures! RESPECT 😛

We spent a day at Tokyo’s Disney Sea… will blog more about the amusement park which Mang informed us, is currently the world’s most expensive amusement park, as it was built on a whooping US$5 billion budget!

Ta for now, more later 😉

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  1. Just two words: The Pigeons! 🙂

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