Back in Singapore :)

Gong Xi Fa Cai & Happy Lunar New Year to all my Chinese friends… I’m back in Singapore, after a wonderful 11 days in wintery Japan (Osaka-Kyoto-Takayama-Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka), which truly touched my heart and spirit.

Once I find time (we’ve got 4 big illusion gigs this week!) I will upload pictures and share my experiences. It was a wonderful adventure, and though I’m back here in sunny Singapore, my heart is still in Kyoto. Its elegant grace and classic beauty has truly touched my heart.

I’ll try to find the time soon, but there’s just lotsa things to clear as I’ve never been gone away for so long a stretch. It’s been a wonderful and rare R&R break for me!

So till my next blog entry, do check out this beautiful ‘live’ rendition of the very talented Sakamoto Ryuichi’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence 🙂 It’s one of my all-time favorite pieces (one of my favorite CDs), and I hope you’d enjoy it as much as I love it!

Ta for now, more later! 🙂


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