Singapore’s coolest Osteopath!

Heya peeps!

Those of you who follow my blog, Facebook or Twitter would be aware that I had quite the nasty fall last December, which saw me injuring my tailbone. It was a big ouchie but though it started to heal up a bit, my body was just not the same 😦

So today, after all my crazy and hectic back-to-back gigs and busy meetings, my friend Addy accompanied me to see a specialist who she highly recommended… I’m really glad I made time for the appointment because, geez, the guy is really GOOD!

We went to Orchard Health Clinic & Natural Therapies, located at Park Mall and I had my very first session with Dr Martin John.

Can we PLEASE have more hunky doctors? The world will be a much better place 🙂 🙂 🙂 帅哥医生!

Now, I’m sure some of you (like me) are irked by jaded medical professionals who cut you off after about twenty seconds, and operate like cold robots who can’t wait to clear the queue at their clinic. This friendly osteopath is actually one really cool doc!

His smarts about pop-culture, magic and mentalism aside (big brownie points because the man appreciated the art & even knew about UK psychological illusionist Derren Brown), Dr John is a patient professional who really knows his stuff!

Within minutes of examination, the shrewd osteopath could locate my problem areas. I was really impressed with the doc’s speed and accuracy. It was almost like hearing the charming Sherlock Holmes logically explaining his deductions.

To be really honest… I was feeling very tentative initially, wondering if it’d be painful like how some people who swear by “tui-na” would attest to the inevitable violent bone-cracking, muscle pulling practice from China. So you can imagine my relieve that this clinic in town doesn’t use any surgery (phew!), medication (yuck!) or harsh treatments (yay)!

Heh. I think the most appropriate word to describe how I felt right after my session would be “SHIOK” because gosh, I felt damn good after my therapeutic session was over!

Sleepy looking me with Dr. Martin John at his clinic!

Okay, I giggled after seeing Addy’s picture on her digicam, taken a minute or two after my session was over… I looked so totally sleepy! Being the nice gal she is, Addy assured that I simply looked like I enjoyed a good night’s sleep on a great mattress! 🙂 Haha… all good I suppose!

Right now, I feel a whole lot better after the wonderful session with this gentle giant of a osteopath, and I’ll be back again next week for my next session to continue the correction of my lower back injuries.

It’s scary how something small will eventually lead to a bigger issue, if not properly looked after. I always get stiff neck and awfully tensed shoulders, and it’s apparently because of my lower back problem and then some :-S So seriously, if you’ve got any aching problems, you should get it looked into quickly before it degenerates!

After all, health is wealth 😉 Ta for now, more later…


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