Singapore 4D Prediction a success on all levels!

Hey everyone! 🙂 It’s been really crazy, we’ve been so busy and it’s difficult to make time to update my blog, but okay, here goes *grin*

“The Impossible 4D Prediction”, our latest psychological illusion, was a success on all levels!

Buzz created by our psychological illusion “The Impossible 4D Prediction” made the term “magic babe ning” the #1 most searched term on Yahoo Singapore on 21 Jan 2010. And this morning, well… We’re one of the top stories on Google News Singapore, PLUS, their top entertainment story! Wow… Thanks so much for the awesome support, you guys!!!

SUCCESS... with some unexpected twists and surprises!

I’m glad that there’s full closure now, since everyone can see the whole “truth” and hence, the complete big picture… we had good intentions since Day 1, and this is reflected in the news reports that came out accordingly 🙂

In essence, J C & I nailed the winning lottery numbers in our prediction which had been hanging at St James for over 5 days. However, we also had a anti-gambling stance and pro-charity message as we previously communicated *wink*

Just before our official auditor, Ms. Ranita Sundra, Deputy Director of the Singapore Tourism Board, revealed that we got the winning combination 100% correct, she pulled out a previously unmentioned surprise from the red packet she had handled the entire time…  a cheque for $10,000.00 written to the Children’s Cancer Foundation from J C & yours truly. It was something she didn’t expect, and neither did anyone else except J C & yours truly, who had planned the donation the entire time because we were so confident of predicting the right 4D numbers.

You see… CCF is a charity whose cause I truly believe in and have supported for many years, as some of you who know me or have followed my blog, may be aware. J C & I personally know some kids who really need the help, so we hope this personal donation helps.

Mr Ravi Sivalingam, Chairman of the Children's Cancer Foundation personally receives our contribution on behalf of the charity

Oh and then the next twist is this… while we did get the winning numbers in a form of a printed document that was signed and dated, J C & I didn’t buy the lottery ticket. Instead, we bought a $100 “null” ticket with the numbers “0000” – why did we spend a hundred bucks on a ticket we know wouldn’t win? It’s simple really. Our very INTENTION to begin with, is to show that there’s no easy way of making money really. Even if you want to give back to the community, we illusionists do it the proper way, through our own hard-earned money.

So yes, this personal donation to charity did not come from the winnings of the ticket *grin* Are you stumped? Well, read the news reports to understand the full story 😉

We were Channel News Asia‘s top entertainment story yesterday, and you can read their news article “S’pore Illusionists spot on in 4D Prediction” here. It was very well-written, with clear details and accurate information.

AsiaOne was the first news portal to report the full story online and you can read their news report with pictures here 🙂 I was really impressed that their hardworking reporters were so fast in accurately disseminating the information! Next up,, the popular local news portal, was the first Chinese media to fully report the news via video documentation – see their vlogs online here.

The Straits Times also reported on our successful 4D lottery prediction feat just this morning 🙂 You can read their news report online here 😉

And late last evening, Razor TV broadcast multi-episodes of “The Impossible 4D Prediction” as well! Check it out online here and feel free to rate and comment 😉

It’s all been very overwhelming, to be honest… and all this aside, we’re still running our on-going illusion show Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions at St James Power Station, The Boiler Room! Grab your show tickets from St James membership counter now, or online… here’s some pictures of our latest illusion show!

Magic Babe does some fire spinning

Triple spins blazing behind my back...

360 Sawing... a modern innovation to the classic sawing-a-girl-in-half!

Shadow Vision... revenge is sweet 😉

Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions at St James, The Boiler Room is a very different illusion show from Ultimate Magic, our past 13-month contract at The Arena in Clarke Quay, which ended last year… so well, I hope to see you at our on-going illusion show at Singapore’s biggest club, St James Power Station *grin*

PS: For official event pictures and a clear, concise step-by-step account of “The Impossible 4D Prediction”, check out J C’s blog Backstage Business 🙂 Ta for now, more later!

Ms Ranita Sundra (Deputy Director, Arts & Entertainment, Singapore Tourism Board) verifying that the seals she signed were still intact


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