4D Lottery Prediction: The Day after Tomorrow!

Gosh… It’s an exciting time 🙂

We’ve been on several newspapers lately, and if you like, you can check out J C’s blog for the list of news media who have run the story.

The day after tomorrow sees us reveal our 4D lottery prediction – another Singapore first – so do come on down to St James, The Boiler Room this Wednesday @ 6pm! Admission is free 🙂

We’re currently running a Facebook contest at the moment as well, which sees one lucky winner take home S$888.00 in cold hard cash 🙂 See our Facebook fanpage for full details!

In essence, it’s really easy… buy a ticket to our show Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions online or at St James Membership Counter, take a picture with the suspended prediction box, upload it on our Facebook page… and viola! Easy peasy 😉

Fans of ours would know that J C & yours truly do embrace technology. I’ve always felt that it’s important to keep being relevant, else you’d just be left behind.

That’s why we’ve hooked up with the innovative Singaporean technopreneurs of Live4D.sg who have successfully created our country’s fastest 4D results smartphone app!

Now, if you own an Android or iPhone, you can use their service for FREE. These fellas bring you the Singapore Pools results quicker than teletext, newspapers, or the radio can!

Just the other day, I personally downloaded their user-friendly app on my iPhone and received the accurate results in real time… the first number at about 6:33pm and the first prize at about 6:45pm. The time varies as you know, it’s all based on the ‘live’ draw by Singapore Pools. Slick! 🙂

So yep, Live4D.sg will be the official service provider on the day of revelation of our predicted lottery numbers!

Okay dokie… gotta go, we’re loading into St James today! All our illusions, props, equipment, etc have to be loaded up into the trucks and brought over to The Boiler Room, where we’d be performing from 26 – 30  Jan 🙂 See you there!!!

PS: Here’s a hilarious video of someone attempting to reach our suspended lottery prediction at St James over the weekend, caught on camera! Watch it here on YouTube. Mucho kudos to the watchful security personnel and security cameras that are on 24/7!


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