Friday Night = Guitar Hero Night!

Showbiz isn’t easy, we’ve been working around the clock. I’ve been kept busy and in fact,  the whole of Saturday was spent rehearsing with my team to make sure we’re all set for Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions, our brand new 1-hour show which plays this 26 to 30 Jan at St James, The Boiler Room. Get your tickets okay! *grin*

Show aside, J C & I are attempting to predict the winning 4D numbers for next Wednesday’s draw! Our prediction is currently hanging for the public’s view at St James, till about 6:45pm on 27 Jan. Do join our Facebook page because we’ve got an on-going contest happening where you can WIN $888!

Check out J C’s blog Backstage Business for the most updated news on all of that 😉

As you may have suspected… all work and no play makes Magic Babe a really sad gal, so I’m really glad to have truly wonderful friends who I can always count on.

These buddies have been with me through thick and thin, and I’m really thankful that they accept me for me… quirks and all. *grin* Here’s the bunch of us over at my apartment on Friday night, chilling out with, you guessed it, guitar hero world tour!!!

After all, like they always say… WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER! *drum-roll, clash of cymbals* Hurhurhurhur…

Singapore's latest all girl band... The Queenies!

Yours truly on bass, Jas on drums, Spanky on guitar!

We met up at 11:30pm, after my work wrapped up... good thing the neighbours didn't complain!

Kudos to Kris (the sweetest guy friend ever!) for bringing the gear over!

Jas was good on guitar but totally wicked on drums!

This was apparently Spanky's first time playing, she rocked!

I was trying to concentrate but the cheeky BFF kept gleefully snapping away

...Like this super unglam picture of Kris for instance...

We had so much fun, we were all laughing and giggling half the time... one common trait we all share is really, no one takes themselves too seriously! 🙂

We all took turns trying our different instruments and discovered we had way more fun with the mic plugged in... though I did pity my hapless neighbors *snigger* Thin apartment walls, remember 😉

Jas confiscates the BFF's digicam and we delegated the busy shutterbug to play the drums. Seriously, the BFF used to play drums (for real) in a band some time back, so don't mess with the pro 😉

This was taken around 2AM... all of us were all still amazingly perky!


So yep, this is us on Friday night, er, Saturday morning... 5AM!

I so love my friends - Spanky, Jas, Kris, Nats, Luke & Pam... you guys ROCK!

It was a truly awesome 5-hour session… it’s just wonderful when you can clown around with friends, poke fun at each other, be in your comfy t-shirt and shorts, and simply just chillax with no mention of work, whatsoever!

Jas was so cute on vocals, seriously. All of us will never hear K C and the sunshine Band’s “Play that funky music white boy” the same way EVER again *grin* She’s completely changed it for everybody. Oh man… I so miss you already Jas… how’s work in Shanghai!?

LOL. Spanky darling  was the coolest… besides holding her guitar like she was playing the pipa, she could actually sing better in German than in English! I think we’d make a really cute team with Spanky/Jas on vocals, the steadfast BFF on drums, and Kris/yours truly on bass with Nats/Luke on guitar!

Anyway, the bunch of us took a ton of videos as well and they were all completely HILARIOUS and amusing!!!! Playing them back, tears just sprang to my eyes because I was laughing so damn hard. I actually giggled so much that my abs ached!

My friends are just the cutest, I swear *grin* If the BFF gets the go-ahead from the rest, she’ll put them videos up. However, I suspect there will be  violent disapproval from the girls, but till then, ta for now, more later… 😉

“My friends are my estate.” – Emily Dickinson


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