Sealing of 4D prediction today @ St James, 8:30pm

Today’s the day 🙂

J C & I will be officially sealing our 4D lottery prediction this very evening at the main entrance of St James Power Station. Do swing by at 8:30pm today, it’s free to the public!

As mentioned, a representative from the Singapore Tourism Board will be present to audit the process, signing on two seals after the box containing our prediction is locked.

Placed in a shatter-proof Plexiglas case, it’d then be hoisted up and secured, as it’d be left suspended all the way until 27 Jan, 6PM. This is where we will officially reveal our prediction to the public, audited by the very same STB rep who signed their name on the seals. St James has arranged for extra security cameras and personnel to watch over it, making sure no one tampers with the hanging prediction.

So mark you calendars, folks 😉

Meanwhile, here’s a photo I just snapped of our purchased Singapore Pools 4D ticket. FYI, this is the first time J C & I have purchased a lottery ticket, and really it is for the purpose of this psychological illusion.

Click here for full info on The Impossible 4D Prediction 🙂 You can also get tickets to our illusion show Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions at St James, where we’re performing from 26 – 30 Jan!

It’s going to be really EXCITING!

According to WordPress, I had about 3,000 different visitors on my blog yesterday, not just from Singapore but overseas as well! Different sources have shared that they’re really excited and intrigued on how this psychological illusion pans out. Heh. You’ll have to wait till 27 Jan, sweetie!

Our Facebook page has gone past a thousand fans – do join us at to be the firsts to know what we have up our sleeves *grin* Once again… THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR INTEREST & SUPPORT EVERYONE!!! We’ll see you at St James later this evening – be there, or be square 😉


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