Setting the record straight

Good morning!

It’s going to be another hectic, busy day at the rehearsal studios so I’m wolfing down breakfast while blogging on my iPhone at the same time.

Now, as a responsible Singaporean who loves her country, I’d like to set the record straight just in case some silly dumdums out there twist my words out of context from last night’s rant about MDA’s regulatory decision that our psychological illusion “The Impossible 4D Prediction” promotes gambling though J C & I have always maintained it’s anti-gambling.

As you know, we’ve done much work for and with different govt stat boards here in Singapore. We’ve always been very supportive of the government but at times red tape and narrow-minded bureaucrats sometimes makes their decisions appear foolish.

I’m being candid here but ask anyone who has worked with the govt on any out-of-the-box, non-traditional projects they’d understand.

Now, I’d like to stress that it is actually part of the process which we “predicted” from the start. Heh. This is the nature of the “beast” and we completely understand. And to be honest, this allows us to actually use this predictability to our advantage.

J C & I are STILL going to show the world how this plays out positively. We are still going to do exactly what we planned one year ago.

As I juggle with tapping this blog post on my phone while I polish off my breakfast, I’d like to importantly restress our anti-gambling theme, plus my onstage partner and I boast no supernatural powers and we are not telling people to place bets, because we aren’t even giving away any lottery numbers!

Please correct me if you think I’m wrong but I truly think Singapore has progressed much as a nation and the fact the our govt has set up 2 Intergrated Resorts must show that they are also aware Singaporeans have matured to a certain extent and aren’t stuck in 1960s mode.

J C & I have taken all this in and understand the sensitivity. There is no better time to do “The Impossible 4D Prediction”.

Trust me. There is a positve outcome, we’ve planned this for over a year. All will be revealed this 27 Jan 2010.

Anyway, I am remendously happy with the interest and support anyway, all you folks have been amazing 🙂 Check this out… Magic Babe Ning is the #1 most searched for tag on Yahoo!!!



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4 responses to “Setting the record straight

  1. yi shu

    You are the most searched item on yahoo cause you are hot and i am serious… why else would they search you and not your male partner

  2. Kenneth

    I can’t believe that people are taking all that ‘prediction’ thing that seriously. If it were that easy, Singapore Pools would have been shut down long ago.
    But I guess people would grasp at any chance to get a winning number, eh?

    • ning

      Well, Singapore Pools can’t shut this down as we’re not doing anything illegal or ethically wrong, just like thousands of Singaporeans who have purchased a 4D ticket.

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