Lastest Update: The Impossible 4D Lottery Prediction

Gosh, preps and rehearsals for our show Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions at St James have been really hectic and intensive. But I’m really thankful for the positive ticketing response and interest thus far… it’s going to be our GREATEST SHOW yet! 🙂

Okay, I’m poking on my keyboard as I snack on an oreo cookie… this is my blog, here are my thoughts. So here goes my rant, from this very hungry girl.


Ok, I’m honestly disturbed that some people assume that we’re promoting gambling, despite EVERYTHING that has been clearly communicated. I’m sorry that you’re either misinformed or unfortunately, very narrow-minded.

However, it’s fantastic that there are still professional journalists and media out there who do use their God-given brains and sense of logic in the contextual application of the psychological ILLUSION that my onstage partner, J C Sum, and yours truly will be attempting.

*snacks on another oreo*

Now, we just received news that Mediacorp radio stations Class 95 & 987 who are fantastic and very supportive had to regretfully cancel our scheduled ‘live’ radio interviews this week, as theirs hands were tied by MDA.

It seems that MDA (Singapore’s Media Development Authority) felt our stunt promotes gambling, when it is obvious if you read about what we are actually going to do, that it cannot possibly be about promoting gambling.

Yes, everyone knows that the government likes to play safe, but it’s just so easy to say NO without understanding the entire context and truly… when will the these government servants actually realize that this is Singapore in 2010 and not the 1960s?

Singaporeans are a lot more savvier and smarter than they give us credit for. This isn’t the medieval times!

*rolls eyes and takes another cookie*

Okay, but having said all that, there’s (thankfully) some saving grace. I really love what the Singapore Editor of CNN Go mentioned in his article earlier today. It’s very well written by a logical mind, someone in the media with a good brain and uses his logic.

Read it online here 🙂


From the very start, being responsible adults, J C & I have always maintained that we are NOT encouraging Singaporeans to gamble. It’s a completely different context if we’re boasting supernatural powers and giving out numbers to the public.

Never have we done that.

We are NOT doing any of that and knowing our places, we’ve always maintained that it’s for ENTERTAINMENT. So hello people, context!! We are professional illusionists and our job is to entertain and mystify.

If you’ve a copy of Monday’s copy of Lianhe Wanbao which featured our interview, please check it out, especially the bit where they interviewed someone on his thoughts about this controversial one-off feat we’re attempting.

Once again, details on The Impossible 4D Prediction, can be seen here. Do buy tickets for our illusion show as well! St James is giving a generous 20% off tickets in bulk, so come with 9 friends to enjoy that. After all, the more the merrier!

PS: Righty… Before I head back to rehearsal however, I’d like to thank Mayling & Natasha for pointing this out to me earlier this morning *grin* Get this: ‘Magic Babe’ Ning is #3 on Yahoo’s search engine, above Barack Obama & Jay Chou! LOL… Talk about woman on top 😉

PPS: If you’re interested in the collation of media we’ve generated thus far for The Impossible 4D Prediction, check out J C’s blog Backstage Business 🙂


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