Grab tickets to Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions @ St James, Boiler Room now!

Our brand new illusion show plays every evening this 26 – 30 Jan 2010 at The Boiler Room, St James Power Station! The one-hour performance (8pm – 9pm) sees us execute new illusions, contemporary magic, the works!

Tickets ($40/pax, incl a free standard drink + St James club entry later) can be purchased at the club in advance, through their membership counter. You can also buy show tickets online at if you’ve got a credit card, debit card, or paypal account. Easy peasy!

Stay tuned to the local news too, for more information about our show and a very special BIG something that’s cooking… what do we have up our sleeves exactly? Well, you’ll know real soon 😉

Meanwhile, please visit our event Facebook page, or find out more info/ buy tickets by clicking on the banner below. You get 20% off when you purchase 10 tickets and above, so grab your friends, families, and loved ones!

J C & I will also do a meet-and-greet session after every performance, so we hope to see you there 😉 Say HI, don’t be a stranger!

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