Friday night is Guitar Hero Night!

After this evening’s IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) Ring 115 gathering, my closest bunch of friends and I will be hanging out at my pad to chill out after a hectic week at work 🙂

I’m really proud of all of the Queenies… they’re doing so well in their careers and personal life, which is no easy feat! Jas will be flying off to Shanghai in a couple of days for work and she wouldn’t be back for months. I know for sure we’re all gonna miss her and her corny/lame/”cold” jokes 😛

Only just last weekend, all of us met up at Laguna for seafood and later headed off to an ice-cream place for dessert… here are the pictures of yours truly and her wonderful friends at East Coast!

Yours truly, Kris and Nats with our new babies!

Spanky comes in sexy glasses and Jas wears a tee with a funky slogan 🙂

The BFF & I arrived after our friend's solo concert at the Esplanade

We drove over to an ice-cream parlour later...

Sharing the sinful pleasures in life... yum!

Before that, the BFF & I had dinner at a Japanese restaurant just prior to Su’s concert “It’s Not About Love”. Our charming doctor friend is also a very talented singer, and she performed for a full-house for one night only, at the Esplanade Recital Hall.

Picking up our tickets at the counter, we saw it flash on the TV monitors

Us and our food... I so love Japanese cuisine!

Foodies R us... we always bring a camera wherever we go!

The BFF had a black pepper salmon rice bowl

I had a half portion of their Japanese curry noodles

Bacon wrapped prawns... Drool!

What's a full meal without dessert?!

Us at Su's gig... pity we couldn't take any pictures or videos, but it was a blast!

Check out my blog post last week on Su’s concert at the Esplanade – her debut CD is also out in good music stores 🙂 I really love the stuff in there because it’s solid, good, “old-school” material!

And speaking about “old-school”, the BFF & I recently met up for breakfast the other day at Colbar @ Portsdown Road. A family-run business, it’s a really quaint place that’s been around for ages and its name is short for “Colonel’s Bar” as it served British officers based here a long time ago!

The BFF = Miss Sunshine in the early AM

Check out the ancient light switches too!

Waiting for our food to arrive...

...we take pictures to amuse ourselves...


And finally, our food arrives!

Chicken Merryland is so huge, we just had to share it! Check it out… chicken cutlet, crispy bacon, goreng pisang, egg, homemade fries, bakes beans… the works!

We popped by Laurent Bernard’s chocolate shop after, since it was a minute away. Our favorite French chocolatier wasn’t around, but we shared a hot chocolate anyway. There were laughing kids playing on the nearby swing… ah, to be at that young, carefree age again when all you had to worry about was homework!

I think we’re really foodies. Nothing makes me happier than good food and fab dessert *rueful grin* Afterall, work hard but play harder right?

After I received the inaugural “Hall of Fame” award from my Alma Mata, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, we celebrated by going out for… you guessed it… ice-cream! 😛 So yep, that’s us with 3 delish sinful scoops of Ben & Jerry’s, with a whole lota toppings!

Who can resist Ben & Jerry’s lethal concoction of chocolate chip cookie dough, new york chocolate fudge & strawberry cheesecake?

Besides the official plaque above, I was also given a little token. As you can see, it’s a useful gift, but since the BFF’s the coffee drinker (at times, guzzler) between the 2 of us, I passed it to her so she can use it at work.

I’m sure the Queenies will be taking tons of pictures later tonight during our World Tour party on Playstation 3 *grin* Drums, guitars, bass guitars, microphones, the works… oh yeah, it’s gonna be FUN!!!


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