Sunday is my favorite day of the week…

My classical violin Carmen...

So yep, that’s one of my violins… I hardly touch my  electric one from Ted Brewer (UK) these days,  the mood just isn’t right. Carmen’s a beaut, truly, and I grow fonder of her as time passes.

The BFF & I went for Su’s concert at the Esplanade Recital Hall this evening and it was a full-house! 🙂 She had a band of excellent local musicians as well, and an excellent speaker who introduced them. The night was marvellous and if you’ve yet to hear this woman sing… you’re really missing out!

Her debut CD (You Live Once) is available for sale at the Esplanade shop and her songs are playing on local airwaves. See my unassuming doctor friend’s official website @

…Yes, this talented smart cookie is a doctor who runs her own medical practice! 😉 Some of my favorite tracks from Su’s CD are Tango & Make It Go Away. Really awesome stuff. You can see the music lyrics here.

After Su’s highly successful gig, the BFF & I went off to meet Jas, Nats, Kris & Spanky at Lagoon… where they polished off a late dinner. We then drove over to a dessert place and yakked till late, catching up on things.

I can’t wait for next Friday 🙂 The gang will be camping over at my bachelor girl pad to play Guitar Hero on Playstation 3 and it’s gonna be fun…

I’d try to get some shuteye before my gig on Saturday evening, but the adrenaline will probably keep me awake. And, the loud laughter from my apartment will probably keep the neighbors awake 😉 Teeheeheeheehee…


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