Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore): Hall of Fame

It was an absolute honor to be given this prestigious recognition by my Alma Mata. We were very well taken care of, given the best red carpet treatment and everything like personal assistants, bodyguards and our own buggy!

Haha… It was GREAT to be back!

Walking the red carpet

Paparazzi pix

J C's along for the ride...

Magic Babe, J C Sum, Jamie Yeo, The Muttons, Rai (of Jack & Rai fame), Ris Low, Fauzi the Celebrity Blogger & Utt!

I said OK to a special appearance earlier on, though I couldn't do my full show since there was a logistic issue but the AV folks for the event realised they gave me a bum wireless mic too late, so I had to use a handheld one instead... to be honest it was a tad stiffling, but the show goes on!

J C Sum plays assistant 😉

There was an on-going prize presentation & award ceremony after my short stint on stage. Jamie Yeo, yours truly & Justin Ang went up on stage later, to receive our “Hall of Fame” plaques from the lovely Miss Anita Kuan, Head of Film Media Studies 🙂

Justin & Jamie were from Mass Communications and yours truly, from FSV (Film, Sound & Video).

We were told to share about our time as students here at Ngee Ann Poly’s School of Film and Media Studies. Asked to describe ourselves way back then, Jamie said that she was a poseur. LOL. Me? I was definitely the nerd.

My grounding in film school prepared me for what I do today, because solid performance is all about clear communication, a good storyline and also daring to be unique.

987 DJ Justin & I were surprised to find out that we actually graduated the same year, but we never knew each other!

We were then presented our individual awards in the inaugural Ngee Ann Poly Hall of Fame. “Big Momma” Anita teased us individually too, good-naturedly, like how Jamie was chauffeured to school in a BMW, that it’s not just Justin’s personality that got bigger, and yours truly made her old lecturers disappear 😛 POOF!

Right after that, Justin, Jamie & I did a lucky draw on stage to select winners for the items we donated. My wood handcrafted Mikami magic wand (imported from Japan) went to a girl from an all girl’s school! 🙂

We were all ushered to the press call & closed-door reception after that and I really relished the air-con, a welcomed change from the local heat and humidity!

In fact, I was getting a drink when I found myself standing  next to Utt (looking as gorgeous as ever) and the cutie smiled and told me that my mom’s been telling him all about me. LOL! It’s a long and funny story which I’ll save for  another day 😉

After an hour plus of interviews and the works, we went back down. But just before we collected our cars, everyone took a group picture at the grand event tentage.

It was wonderful catching up with familiar faces from school, touching base with people in the local entertainment industry, and making new friends. Before J C & I left in our personal buggy to collect the car, we took a picture with Tanat (yep, I let the sweetie hold my plaque)… the patient sweetheart waited for us for hours!

I would truly like to thank EVERYONE who made it all possible. It’s amazing that it was mostly students who put the whole event together. I’m mighty impressed – You guys rock 🙂


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