New Year Countdown pictures

Here are some awesome photos of us in action at 3AM on the first day of 2010, taken by a talented photographer and fan of ours, Jason Tan 🙂

After an introduction by the 3 bilingual emcees on stage, we opened with our one-of-a-kind “Human Light Tunnel” illusion, which seized the attention of the watching crowd

After introducing ourselves to a warm audience, J C & I get them to join us all in some interactive bits…

I’m so impressed that J C is all smiles at three in the morning… geez!

We later play a highly interactive game of the classic 3 Card Monte with the roaring audience, who had waited so very patiently for our showtime…

After letting members of the audience examine my custom-made  regulation straightjacket (in my favorite color, not in boring traditional blah white), J C straps me up tight!

My straightjacket striptease act on stage got a huge reaction from the crowd…

I really was enjoying myself, having fun on stage.

J C & yours truly ended the night with our latest baby, a wicked lighting-fast stage illusion we call Spike Box!

Now you see me, now you don’t!

The crowd cheer and audibly question where did Magic Babe teleport to, since the small enclosure is now filled with solid metal spikes!

It was actually my 4th gig of the night after back-to-back stage shows at various high-end venues in town. What a night 🙂

I’ll be making a special appearance at Ngee Ann Polytechnic this Saturday afternoon at the Hall of Fame event, so do drop by 🙂 It’s at 5pm and other famous local celebrities who graduated from NP will also be there.

Also, if you’d like to see us do our BRAND NEW one-hour long illusion show @ St James, Boiler Room, get tickets now! Group discounts are available, so don’t miss out. Buy them from the club, or online now at

See you then!


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