The last week of 2009

Christmas was awesome 🙂

It was a time with family, friends and loved ones… no worries if 25th December saw you working OT or busy finishing up work, there’s 12 days of Christmas!

I had fun reconnecting with some of the people who matter & I realize that it’s truly all about quality, over quantity these days. Better to know those few trust-worthy friends than being in the crowded company of fair-weathered acquaintances and jealous backstabbing “friends””.

Feasting was a very happy affair, there was just so much good food! I was also extremely privileged to have the company of wonderful people who have me some truly awesome (and quirky) presents *grin*

The BFF & I at my friend's food stall "Ivan's Carbina" on Xmas Eve

I received a very sweet photoframe from the BFF which had hilarious photos we’d taken this year stuck all over… from our hellish Hanoi motorcycle incident in Vietnam, to the mutant Cambodian roach in the bathtub which scared the heck out of me in Siem Reap… et al 😛

Spanky & Jas gave me some really pretty AND practical gifts because they knew it’d be stuff the magic geek in me would utilize and I have 🙂 I really love the Christmasy plates and magicky dishes. One of my fave Christmas presents I also received, was a hilarious red kitchen apron with the words “BETTER IN BED”!

Well. What can I say. I’m good in bed. I can spend hours sleeping.

anyways! My little sister got me awfully cute underwear because she remembered me liking smurfs when I was younger. Ade gave me a practical cutlery set in a handy pouch, because she knows how much I irk those flimsy plastic spoons/forks & awful bleached smelling disposable chopsticks!

Amazing balloon sculpture by Adeline Ng: Kinetic Gal

Mang, my dear friend who just came back from Kyoto, passed me a kick@ss samurai brolly! It’s a long sleek black umbrella with a katana handle… very beautiful, but even more touching was that she made time to see me as she’s only back for 3 days before flying back to Japan.

We meet up at Dempsey for a cuppa and I’m really looking forward to flying up to Kyoto in Feb next year 🙂 It’d be the coldest time of the year there, but it’d be snowing and I think it’d just be gorgeous. So yes, I’m dreaming about magical ryokans and graceful geishas in an ancient samurai town!

There were many other presents and cards too… wonderful, thoughtful things from loved ones like a surprise gift from my landlord and his agent, a compilation CD from my friend Su, a hilarious book of excuses from Ben and Yang (who I had one heck of a time playing Guitar Hero on xBox with on Xmas eve), music from my violin teacher… and oh yes, I also received an iPhone! 🙂

The new Apple iPhone 3GS …which is also the reason why I’ve practically been MIA the whole weekend. Heh. I so love that you can download all sorts of applications – it truly rocks!!!

IMHO, I think it’s so amazing that anyone can design a software app for the iPhone, it’s become a business really – thanks to this product. And all sorts of books have been published on the iPhone – I’ve seen at least a dozen!

I’ve used smartphones but this baby is so much more than just a smartphone which allows you to connect with people/ email/ internet, so I’m really pleased with it 🙂 Oh goodness. Do they have a AA for this? Apple Anonymous. I think I’m an addict! *sheepish grin*

If you know of any brilliant apps, do let me know what are the good ones you’d recommend. Would love to hear your suggestions 😉 Ta for now, more later… love, your magic geek!



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2 responses to “The last week of 2009

  1. Hi Ning im mark, the camera guy at the labrador park count down. i did quite a bit of footage on you guys on mini DV. You can get it from Rennie ( 8 Communications) if you guys want a better quality copy of your show.

    Erm the kid was 14 and he got cut even before you guys appeared at the venue. haha

    Nice show!


    • ning

      Aahaaahaaahaaahaaahaaaa… 14!!! Gosh, kids these day are really plucky 😛 Thanks for dropping by my blog Mark, best wishes for the new year 🙂

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