My violin Carmen

After a long day at work, it’s nice to unwind and I’ve been practicing my violin more religiously of late 🙂 I’ve met some talented people who have inspired me, and there’s also YouTube! Ain’t technology grand…

Joshua Bell playing Schubert’s classic masterpiece (my personal classical favorite after Pachelbel’s Canon in D!) Ave Maria… a truly apt song now since it’s the Christmas season 🙂

My current favorite musician (who’s also very, very yummy to the eyes) is David Garrett, AKA the “Virtuoso Violinist”. He’s also the current face of Thomas Sabo & a proud graduate from the prestigious Juilliard School in New York.

Smooth Criminal on the violin aside, the man’s also broke the violin world speed record. This is David Garett playing an amazing 13 notes a second – Flight of the Bumble Bee has never sounded funkier! 🙂

It also reminds me of The Impossible Record… our successful world record attempt of the most number of illusions (15) done in 1 minute. Despite the time limitation, there’s still good story telling tho it’s at speed!

There’s the ladies as well of course, besides the famous Vanessa Mae, there’s also Bond. That’s them Brit girls playing Allegretto on electric 😉 These girls really make an awesome quartet!

I haven’t been touching my electric violin for a bit, but I will soon… right now I’m just in the mood for old school *grin*

Carmen and...

...Electra, my electric violin from Ted Brewer (UK)

Christmas is but a few days away… I’m looking forward to spending time catching up with friends and people I care about 🙂 I always struggle with time, there’s just never enough time ever!

Many thanks to the wonderful folks who have so very kindly dropped off gifts to both J C & yours truly at the magic studio. We really appreciate the thought – and yes, we promise you bigger, better things come 2010!!!


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