Always look on the bright side of life!

The past few days have  been absolutely nuts! Shows, customized events, special appearances, rehearsals, meetings, and the works… December is certainly a very busy time for us.

Battling a bad cough and flu, I also had a nasty fall on Friday which left me with a twisted wrist and a badly bruised tailbone 😦 It was no joke, but the show must go on!

I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating my blog as religiously as I’d love to, but there’s always J C’s blog Backstage Business to check out, if you’re interested in what the team’s been up to, work-wise. Well, here’s a bit of a summary…

Kinetic Gal was on OKTO Live! That’s right, Singapore’s only magic juggler made her debut TV appearance at the Mediacorp studios *grin* Kinetic Gal (aka Adeline Ng) has certainly grown much as a kid’s entertainer of hig caliber. For more about her fiesty experience, as well as, excellent party tips & photos from various gigs, check out her blog here 🙂

Kinetic Gal: Magic Juggler

My special FHM gig at Movida, St James, went well… despite me recovering from the gastric flu. I had to turn away disappointed people who wanted to take photos with yours truly after the performance, but while I gave my all for the stage show, I really wasn’t feeling a million bucks. I’m sure you understand 😉

Here’s some pictures from that evening, which saw me doing some Deadly Sexy Magic & then some!

Extreme human body stunt - mucho kudos to my friend, Luis De Matos, for tutelage & inspiration

'Magic Babe' Ning does some fire eating

Watch out for the...


Once the flash of fire clears, we reveal the reason of the UPGRADE launch!

The brilliant Bossman created this lethal fire cocktail, a brilliant concoction which you can read all about it here. Please DO NOT do this at home, it’s extremely dangerous and you should only leave such stunts to true professionals.

And while we’re still on the topic of FHM, we’re featured in their Jan 2010 issue which is now out in stores island-wide 🙂

Our upcoming “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” show at St James (26 – 30 jan 2010) was featured as one of the picks in FHM’s “Gentlemen’s Guide to Travel” feature! Tickets are selling fast, so do grab them online or from the club direct.

And just the other evening, J C & I did a big show at Fullerton Hotel for ICI Dulux. Their General Manager was very game as well, and the suave genntleman did some magic with us on stage 🙂 I honestly enjoyed myself, though my voice was a lot huskier than usual because I was (am still) under the weather. Here’s some pictures of us in action…

Crystal Appearance... magic at lightning speed!

Magically appearing Mr Goh, GM of Akzonobel Paints Singapore!

GM does some magic himself...

A full sized paint can appears from nowehere!

Colorful streamers magically appear from the empty can

J C Sum & 'Magic Babe' Ning perform more urban illusions in the city

Some interactive customised magic with the audience

Magic Babe magically teleports herself...

...all the way to the other side of the hall!

We did a full illusion show for British Oil last Friday at Raffles Marina, and that was really awesome. The audience were fantastic and despite feeling like I had cotton wool stuffed in my ears and sounding  waaaaaaaay huskier than usual, I enjoyed performing for them on stage.

It was just funny though, when I fell off-stage when I was just about to get someone from the audience to come up on stage to help strap me up in my straight jacket. J C’s facial expression was just… priceless! Haha.

Anyway, we also did a special appearance at Novena Square 2 on the day of the shopping mall’s magic competition finals. Congrats to all the guys who take part, you fellas did good 🙂 I met a young female magic enthusiast by te name of Cai Huimin at the event, I do hope to see her perform one day soon *grin* She can almost be my sister, our names are so similar. LOL! I’m always very happy to see girls interested in magic.

Thanks to fellow International Brotherhood of Magicians (Ring 115) member Baha, for the event photos…

J C & I tease the audience with the classic game of 3 Card Monte

Us bantering and having fun on stage at our special appearance in Square 2

J C Sum & 'Magic Babe' Ning perform their latest illusion

The Spike Box... now you see here, now you don't!

The reaction from the crowd was LOUD!

Magic Babe's straightjacket striptease act

It was a fun event, which had a few people come up to us later for photos and autographs. Many thanks to our dear fans as well who came down to personally give us early Christmas presents…

I especially loved a deck of customized playing cards which had my favorite B&W picture of myself on it (you can see it in the About Me section of this blog) from a sweet girl called Delyse 🙂 Also, I was touched by Joyce Stella’s thoughtful Christmas gifts as well, it’s truly the thought that counts *grin*

Righty, I’m logging off now… gotta meet my buddy Benjamin & his girlfriend Yang for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants 🙂 Can’t be late so ta for now, more later!


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