Cirque on Ice @ the Singapore Indoor Stadium

The BFF & I caught the matinee show of “Reverie: Cirque on Ice” today, at Arina Stadium Waterfront. It was a temporary air-conditioned place specially built by the Singapore Indoor Stadium to accommodate this show, which starts its debut here in sunny Singapore.

“Cirque” simply means “circus” in French, so these folks are no way affiliated by the “Cirque du Soleil” group in any way, and their ticket prices are also a whole lot cheaper comparatively from what I recall, having watched some of the Cirque Du Soleil shows here in Singapore.

Having also caught ERA in Shanghai, which was headed by folks previously from Cirque Du Soleil, I seriously think Cirque Du Soleil have inspired a genre of their own 🙂 Mucho kudos to them truly.

Reverie: Cirque on Ice was obviously a smaller production in comparison but I appreciated their technical skill and these professionals definitely entertained.

It was evident that the audience really enjoyed themselves, though it was a pretty sparse crowd. I’m not sure if it was because it was an afternoon matinee show, or there wasn’t enough marketing, but it’s definitely something I’d encourage my friends to check out here.

They had a host of good acts, but the BFF (who can be a real cynical critic) was extremely impressed with the hoop girl especially, who had pizazz 🙂 Sure, the venue and lighting could have been more magical, but I think the performers did their best & these budgeting/ logistical issues may be beyond them.

The show plays till early next year, so do check it out if you can… it’s nice family entertainment and tix can be purchased from SISTIC. Enjoy! 🙂



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2 responses to “Cirque on Ice @ the Singapore Indoor Stadium

  1. Ade

    I originally intended to buy tickets for 12th…. But accidentally got the 4th Dec ones instead. Sigh my blurness…. =X

  2. Pam

    you should post the youtube vid i took of the hula hoop girl. maybe i can request for an interview with her and ask her how she learnt how to hula hoop like this… and if she has ever suffered a wardrobe malfunction! *LOL*

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