Broadway Beng ‘jiak liu lian’ @ Esplanade

Last night’s gig at St James, Movida for FHM’s Upgrade party was wicked… I definitely had fun, despite fighting the nasty gastric flu but I’m glad everyone enjoyed themselves. Photos and videos in a bit 🙂 But meanwhile…

The BFF & I caught Dream Academy’s latest play at the Esplanade, Broadway Beng ‘jiak liu lian’, which stars Sebastian Tan and directed by Royston Tan of 881 fame 🙂

The delightful stage play was definitely brilliant and I’d encourage fellow Singaporeans to check it out! I’m truly proud that we’ve got such talented folks in the local theater scene… the beginning might be loudly jarring for some, but give it time to sink in and you’d be left in stitches.

Leaving the Esplanade theater after the play was over, I realised I was a lot more Singaporean than I gave myself credit for 😛 The BFF commented that I had a much better understanding of our local dialects than her, but we kinda pitied the ang mohs who were seated next to us because they looked completely lost. LOL!

The next big thing Dream Academy’s putting up would be Kumar’s very own gig… so if you like local humor, the politically incorrect and then some, do watch out for that one. I’m definitely getting tickets already *grin*


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