Love from Mongolia

Matthew was sorting out our mail earlier today and my heart gladdened when I saw a familiar envelope which had the “World Vision Mongolia” mark on it. My sponsored child had sent me a letter, just in time for Christmas! *grin*

Check it out… isn’t Gunbileg such a dear? 🙂 I think he’s truly talented! Larry was laughing because I was beaming like a proud parent, but I was, of sorts! 😛

See… isn’t my 8 year old simply creative and artistic?

All the flowers are different! J C pointed out the fact that most kids draw the same type of patterns, but my kiddo’s different 😉 Okay before any of you guys point it out… yes, I know I’ve got a chronic phobia for clowns, but I’m closing a blind eye on this *sheepish grin*

For his birthday some months earlier, I gave Gunbileg a full art set consisting of stationery, color pencils, markers, crayons, the works and I’m glad that he’s really enjoying expressing himself!

Christmas is coming and it is the season of giving… so if you think that you’re able to help under-privileged children from impoverished communities have a better life, please check out

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  1. Pam

    wow, your kiddo is v talented! and i can tell that he loves you very much too. i’m so proud of you, BFF. you are such an amazing & beautiful person. *hug*

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